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Stuck on ideas for your social media?

Here are 5 ways to keep your social media alive with fresh new content

One of the greatest challenges in using social media for your business is figuring out what to post about.

If you’re struggling to find content to post, setting up “content pillars” can be a great help to make sure you always have something to refer back to. Here are a few ideas:

1. Encouraging quotes

It’s important to maintain a positive attitude when it comes to running a business, and this should shine through your content.

Find interesting quotes by significant people throughout history, and try to connect them to your company’s core values or current campaign.

For example, if you’re a healthcare practitioner, posting quotes about kindness and compassion are related to your attitude as professionals and how you treat your patients. This will help build trust in your company.

2. Holidays

Holidays are not only important to show you’re celebrating with your audiences, but they’re also very easy to create content about. And regular holidays aren’t the only ones you can refer to! 

There are many other unofficial holidays such as “World Kindness Day” on November 13 or “Trivia Day” on January 4! This is a fun way to connect with your followers and will consistently give you something to post about.

3. Getting to know you

Being seen as a great company isn’t just useful for drawing in customers. It’s also something to aspire for as a potential employer.

Be open about how you’ve built a business that’s sustainable, the challenges you’ve endured, the lessons you’ve learned along the way, and how you take care of your customers and the people you work with.

4. Fun facts

There’s probably a lot your followers have yet to learn about your industry, from significant moments in history to interesting trivia.

You can be educational and entertaining at the same time! You might even learn a thing or two yourself, and that will always come in handy.

5. What’s new

Keep your content fresh by looking for fresh news. Part of showing you’re professionals is being on top of the latest developments of what’s going on in your field. Have any new important roles been filled? Was there a new discovery?

Keeping your followers up to date on trends and events that are related to your business is a great way to build credibility!

The great thing about these content pillars is you can keep using them again and again in different ways!  You can also experiment with different formats of content, not just photos and text!

Video is a huge deal right now, and it’s important to keep up with this surge. For tips on using it for your content calendars, check out our guides on making attention-catching videos and the ultimate video script.

They can serve as a foundation for how you build your social media marketing calendar every year. If you know what to look for and what interests your followers, you’ll never run out of ideas.

For our full guide on creating a social media calendar, click here. Want more handy tips on using social media for your business? Explore the rest of our blog and follow our newsletter and Facebook page for more!

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How To Go From Cold Prospect To Customers In 3 Steps With Facebook Advertising

Video on social media platforms has seen such a huge rise, some people are calling it a takeover!

Getting new customers from cold prospects in Facebook can be tricky. 

Marketing to attract the right type of customer requires being creative and strategic. 

What is a Facebook retargeting strategy?

There’s been a surge of video content being produced, shared, and viewed, particularly on Facebook and Instagram. And it comes as no surprise.

Facebook retargeting means you can remarket yourself to an audience that’s already shown some level of interest in your business. This is used to show ads to people who have interacted with your content before and may already be interested in what you have to offer.

It’s a great strategy because you can customize your audience per campaign and nurture that audience to the point where they’re ready to be a customer.  In other words, turn cold prospects into customers.

How does it work?

Like any content, it’s important that your ads reach the right audience. 

At Web Profit Maximiser, we use a tripleheader approach. 

With this approach, we will use 3 layers of video retargeting.  You can see this in action with one of our other clients where we tripled their business.  Click here.

Creating a custom audience for your Facebook ads makes sure that you reach your target market right where they are.

In layer one, we build an audience using videos that add value to the lives of people who have problems that your company has solutions for. 

That means scripting and creating informational videos and hinting at how your company can be useful to the viewers.

This builds credibility for you and can be used to show your unique selling points.

In the second layer, we are now retargeting the first layer audience that has previously interacted with your initial video/s. 

At this stage, we are now focussing on videos that can start to build trust with your business. 

In this phase, you can vary the size of your custom audience based on their engagement rate. 

For example, if they have watched 3 seconds of your video or 75% of your video.  For a step by step breakdown of how to create a custom audience, click here.

Finally, in the third layer comes the final push. The call to action. This is where you openly invite your audience to give your products and services a try. 

Advanced Tip: You can use testimonials to build a bond with your future client.  Build trust and showcase your results with people who are similar to them. 

This results in the prospect turning into a lead that is already warmed up to your company. To see how to write an engaging call to action for your video script, check out this article.

Interested in using this strategy to boost your business? 

We’ve got you covered. 

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6 ways to create better Social Media Video ad that get attention

Video ads may seem like an intimidating area to invest your time and resources in. 

But because video is now such an important platform, it simply cannot be ignored. 

Not using video would be shortchanging your company and you’d miss out on a huge opportunity to reach more potential customers. 

Here are a few handy tips towards making your video ads more engaging and effective.

1. Know what you want to achieve

Before you get started, bring your ideas to the drawing board. Are you just trying to increase general brand awareness or do you want to focus on a particular product or service? Make sure you’ve got everything laid out neatly so you have something to refer to down the line.

2. Be prepared before shooting

No one says your video has to be professionally shot in order to be effective! With the myriad of video editing tools out there, creating content for your ad can be simple. 

However, if you do decide to go with a production team, make sure you brief them well on your goals, targets, and parameters. Is there a quote from your executives that you want to include? Would you like the treatment to be light and fun or more serious? Decide early on if you’re prepared to handle the production on your own or if you need to outsource help.

3. Make the first few seconds catchy

Attention span online tends to be short. To capture your target market’s interest, bring out all the creativity you’ve got!

You can use an engaging video script and a well-lit set to make your talking heads more watchable. If you’re using a voiceover talent, choose someone with a light, clear, and credible manner of speaking to match eye-grabbing visuals.

4. Condense your key message

Again, it’s hard to keep an audience captivated because so much other content is available online. Try to pack in at least your core message in the first few seconds so that one main idea sticks with your viewer, and then proceed to elaborate on supporting concepts or messages further on in the video. 

5. Pay attention to the sound and use captions

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to leave videos on mute, even if there’s a talking head or a voiceover. This is why many videos come with captions and superimposed key messages. It’s also a way to be more inclusive of people unable to hear the audio in your video! But even if your video will function well without sound, make sure to still include pleasant background music to accompany your visuals and well-mixed audio for your voiceovers in case your audience decides to listen to your content.

6. Include a call to action

We don’t just mean a call to action button on the ad! End your video with a specific message that will help turn your viewer into a consumer. Direct them to your social media channels, tell them to check out your website, ask them to explore your services, and let them know you’re always open to having a conversation with them at their convenience. Make sure they feel your 360-degree presence so that they can reach you through the channel of their choice.

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The 4 Step System For Great Business Testimonials (examples included)

Dear Friend,

You are here today because you have decided to give a business you love a testimonial or you are a business and you are looking for a simple system for great business testimonials that you can share with your customers.

1st of all good on you and before I explain how to give a great testimonial,  let me explain why I say good on you.

You see testimonials are what allow someone considering using the business you are giving the testimonial for the opportunity to have real proof it works.  Literally, testimonials give evidence to someone considering using the business.

And le’ts face it, businesses are here to help more people.  So you giving an amazing testimonial means you are literally helping many people whom you have never met and probably never will.

But you can feel great knowing you are doing your part to help others. 

I created this guide because business owners were asking me if there was a simple process to help their customers give testimonials. 

So I created a very simple 4 step process to help make giving your favourite business a testimonial easy peasy.  

A very simple 4 step process to help make giving your favourite business a testimonial easy peasy.  

In fact, I have a simple formula to make it easier what you should do for each step. 

Just remember  IPHO

If you get stuck, which you won’t, just remember IPHO.

So let’s go through the 4 parts of an amazing testimonial.

The Ultimate Company Testimonial Formula

4 Steps to Great Business Testimonials

Step 1: Introduce yourself

Just state your first name, maybe what you do.  This should be pretty easy for you.

Step 2: Problem / situation

What problem or situation were you in before you started working with XYZ business.

Step 3: Hesitation / Overcame Hesitation

Was there anything that you were considering before you started working with XYZ company?  Maybe you were skeptical. 

Step 4: Outcome (specific)

This is where you will tell what happened as a result of working with XYZ company.

This is where you need to be specific.  Use numbers if possible.

Pretty simple right?  Let’s give a few examples to help you even further.

BUSINESS TESTIMONIAL #1-Landscape testimonial

Hi, my name is Phil and I am an electrician. (Introduction)

Before I met Joe’s landscaping company, I found it difficult to find the time to get my yard mowed.  As a result, my lawn looked horrible and I always felt a bit guilty when I would arrive home from work because my neighbor’s lawns always looked fantastic. (Problem / situation)

I heard about Joe’s landscaping, but I wasn’t really if they would be reliable and do a good job.  I thought about it and realise if they didn’t do a great job or were unreliable I could easily find someone else.  So I went for it. (Hesitation / overcome)

Wow was I surprised, Joe and his team were professional, they came on time, didn’t charge an arm and a leg and they even fixed a few other issues around the house while they were there.  Now I come home and I am proud of how my yard looks, my neighbors compliment me on my lawn and the kids are now playing in the lawn too.

I highly recommend Joe’s landscaping company.

Sample Testimonial Review – Landscaping Testimonial

So lets review, you can see Phil followed the formula perfectly.  Introduced himself and his problem, he explained his concerns about hiring Joe’s and how he overcame his concern, and then the results.  And then Phil rounded it up with the results he received and a recommendation.  

Great testimonial.

Business Testimonial Example #2-Chiropractic Testimonial

Hi, my name is Mary and I am a mother of 3 wonderful children.

About 6 months ago I noticed I was getting daily headaches.  I went to my doctor and the doctor did some tests but they didn’t show anything.  So I started taking some medications.

I was reading an article in the newspaper and saw an ad talking about how chiropractors have been able to help headaches.

I was a bit nervous because I have never been to a chiropractor and didn’t know what exactly they did.

I did a bit of research and found a chiropractor near my home.  Their website was filled with amazing testimonials of people like me who had been helped with their headaches.  So I thought I am going to give this a try.

I booked an appointment and was amazed by them from the very first phone call.  The receptionist Kate was so friendly. And when I met the chiropractor, Dr. Karen, I felt so comfortable and at ease.

She knew exactly what was going on and was able to pinpoint the problem straight away. 

She gave me what is called an adjustment and within a few hours, I was feeling great.  I had more range of motion, my headaches were gone and I didn’t need to take any more medication.  

That was 6 months ago and I am still headache free.

Sample Business Testimonial Review:

In this testimonial example, Mary did a great job.

She did her introduction, explained her problem and skepticism, and then explained her outcome with a specific detail of being pain-free for 6 months.

Please note, if you are in Australia and reading this, health practitioners registered with AHPRA, you are not allowed to display testimonials. 

So unfortunately if you have a favourite dentist, chiropractor, or physiotherapist, you cannot give a testimonial. You can, however, give them a google review.

Sometimes its easier to have a comparison, so I have included some examples of what we would consider a testimonial that doesn’t quite hit the mark. 

Bad Company Testimonial Example

Hi, I highly recommend Joe’s Landscaping.  Joe and his team are amazing. They were so nice and friendly.  I highly recommend them.

Bad Company Testimonial Review 

So why is this a bad testimonial?  

I hear ya, it sounds like the person is highly recommending Joe, but you can see this testimonial will not really resonate or connect with anyone because the person hasn’t introduced themselves, explained their problem or their outcome.  

Sure they say some nice things about Joe’s, but by not explaining their problem and outcome makes a huge difference.  Compare the first testimonial to the 2nd. Which one would make you want to call Joe? I bet you said the first example we gave.

So let’s review what we covered.

We have given you a simple formula to remember.  IPHO. Which stands for Introduction, Problem, Hesitation and Outcome.  Remember to be as specific as possible with your problem and outcome.  

In addition, we showed you good examples and a not so good example.  

A couple of last things.

If you are doing a video testimonial (which we highly recommend), then we suggest you do the following.

  1. Write out your testimonial first
  2. Practice it
  3. Then remember, a video can be edited, so if you get stuck, just take a deep breath and start over again.  

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Killer Email Subject Lines…

AND 6 Tips To Skyrocket Email Open Rates

Email subject lines are, undoubtedly the most crucial elements of your emails.

A winning subject line is your secret trick to reeling in these open rates.

The e-mail subject line is the first thing your reader sees and then determines if they are going to open or bin your email.

So the subject line is as crucial as the e-mail body since it ensures someone really opens your message.

So if you have had trouble in the past with getting people to open your emails OR you are finding it difficult to come up with email subject lines, these tips and examples will be sure to get your creative juices flowing and your emails opened.

Whether your email goal is to get the subscriber to enroll for an event, buy a product, or read your latest blog post, a killer subject line is essential in helping you get your email subscriber to take action.

How do you craft a killer subject line that is e-mail?

According to Demian Farnworth from CopyBlogger, persistent research and finding the right hook or angle that’s fresh and meaningful is key.

Here are some best practices for email subject lines.

Email Subject Line Tip #1.

Keep It Brief and Sweet!

An e-mail subject line study by MailChimp found that brief, descriptive topic lines, 50 characters or less, was the most enticing to readers.

Here is probably the most famous e-mails subject line?

A simple “hey”.

Email Subject Example:

Hey, your half marathon registration is now open.

Email Subject Line Tip #2

Make your email subject line create a sense of urgency.

Utilizing deadlines like today only or the 24-hour giveaway will inspire your reader to act right away.

A 2013 MailChimp study based on 24 billion delivered e-mails showed that subject lines that communicate some sense of urgency have higher open rates.

Take a page from eyeglass manufacturer Warby Parker, which uses this topic line to lure buyers:

Email Subject Example:

Uh-oh, your prescription is expiring.

Email Subject Example:

Last chance to sign up!

Email Subject Line Tip #3

Use Numbers In Your Email Subject and your open rates will soar!

Numbered lists in your email body will break the content down in a visually appealing and readily digestible format.

But you can also use numbers in your e-mail subject line and have your email stand out in your sea of emails floating in an inbox.

Email Subject Example:

7 things to do before your next race.

Email Subject Line Tip #4

Use questions in your email subject line.

Asking your readers a question instantly engages them and might pique their curiosity.

Reach out to your readers with something they care about.

Email Subject Line Example:

Are you ready for this year’s mud challenge?

Email Subject Line Tip #5

Personalize your email subject line with your reader’s name

Create a better connection with your readers and show them you know something about them.

In accordance with the 2014 Science of Email Marketing, e-mails that included the initial name of the recipient in their topic line had higher clickthrough rates.

Email Subject Line Tip # 6

Send messages on birthdays and enrollment anniversaries for an individual touch.

Email Subject Line Example:

Congrats on being with us for 1 year-Lets celebrate with a gift

Coschedules Headline Analyzer: This instrument scores everything from clickthrough rates to Search engine optimization value to the value of your subject line.

While it’s made for site traffic, many of the same rules apply to topic lines, so use this to help craft the messages.

Email Spam Test:

This simple e-mail spam test tool helps you to ascertain how spammy your e-mail is and helps you stay away from those dreaded spam folders.

You can get 3 Free trials or sign up for a plan with them.

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If you are struggling with Facebook ads in driving conversions you might want to check out the tactics below to boost your conversions.

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