How To Go From Cold Prospect To Raving Customers In 3 Steps With Facebook Advertising

Video on social media platforms has seen such a huge rise, some people are calling it a takeover!

Getting new customers from cold prospects in Facebook can be tricky. 

Marketing to attract the right type of customer requires being creative and strategic. 

What is a Facebook retargeting strategy?

There’s been a surge of video content being produced, shared, and viewed, particularly on Facebook and Instagram. And it comes as no surprise.

Facebook retargeting means you can remarket yourself to an audience that’s already shown some level of interest in your business. This is used to show ads to people who have interacted with your content before and may already be interested in what you have to offer.

It’s a great strategy because you can customize your audience per campaign and nurture that audience to the point where they’re ready to be a customer.  In other words, turn cold prospects into customers.

How does it work?

Like any content, it’s important that your ads reach the right audience. 

At Web Profit Maximiser, we use a tripleheader approach. 

With this approach, we will use 3 layers of video retargeting.  You can see this in action with one of our other clients where we tripled their business.  Click here

Creating a custom audience for your Facebook ads makes sure that you reach your target market right where they are.

In layer one, we build an audience using videos that add value to the lives of people who have problems that your company has solutions for. 

That means scripting and creating informational videos and hinting at how your company can be useful to the viewers.

This builds credibility for you and can be used to show your unique selling points.

In the second layer, we are now retargeting the first layer audience that has previously interacted with your initial video/s. 

At this stage, we are now focussing on videos that can start to build trust with your business. 

In this phase, you can vary the size of your custom audience based on their engagement rate. 

For example, if they have watched 3 seconds of your video or 75% of your video.  For a step by step breakdown of how to create a custom audience, click here.

Finally, in the third layer comes the final push. The call to action. This is where you openly invite your audience to give your products and services a try. 

Advanced Tip: You can use testimonials to build a bond with your future client.  Build trust and showcase your results with people who are similar to them. 

This results in the prospect turning into a lead that is already warmed up to your company. To see how to write an engaging call to action for your video script, check out this article.

Interested in using this strategy to boost your business? 

We’ve got you covered. 

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