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chiropractic referrals from your phone?

how to generate phone referrals
Phone Referrals

Your phone is the first point of contact for new customers

This really happened to me…

I had just purchased a new product that wasn’t working…

I read the instructions…BUT…I was still having problems getting it to work…

Finally I gave up and called support…

The technical support person on the phone also tried to do the same steps I had tried…

He couldn’t fix my problem…He got frustrated and what happened next will shock you…

Then he said this to me…F#CK OFF

I said “what did you say?”…

He repeated it…”F#CK OFF”

I was stunned…and couldn’t believe what I just heard…

Then click…he had hung up…

I called back and within a few minutes I was speaking to the CEO of the company…

Long story short, it was a horrible experience that should have never happened…

Lucky that company recorded calls and as a result, I got a few extra bonuses for my experience. I wasn’t looking for anything extra, I just wanted my product to work.

Have you ever had a bad phone experience? it can really ruin your business.

Today, I want to share with you some tips I used in my chiropractic practice that actually stimulated referrals

Key #1: Train your staff regularly

Key #2: Provide them with scripts to follow for various situations and answers to common questions. What to do with an irate customer. How to handle a customer who is being difficult. How to handle clients who miss appointments.

Key #3: Train regularly on the scripts, at least twice a year

Key #4: Record calls and listen to them during trainings point out all the great things your staff are doing and work on any areas that could be improved

Key #5: Train on voice intonation…have your staff practice smiling when answering the phone…facial gestures you would normally have in a face to face conversation will improve your intonation and the caller on the other end will feel your energy and emotion

Key #6: Have a “listening” training. Being “present” on the phone is so important and its important for your staff to recognise what is happening on the other end. Perhaps someone is speaking fast because they are in a hurry. So your staff need to be present to recognise this and stop and ask the person if it would be better to call them at another time. Come up with different common scenarios that your staff need to be aware of and what they should listen too in the voice and in the background noise.


  • Smile when answering the phone and during conversation use facial gestures
  • Use the callers name (but don’t over do it)
  • Schedule regular phone training
  • Role play different scenarios
  • Record calls for training purposes
  • Compliment your staff
  • Ask is this appointment for you or your entire family?
  • Ask who referred you to our business? Give a sincere compliment and positive statement about the person who referred. (this is unbelievable in what it can do to spur referrals from the person who is on the phone)
  • Ask questions about their problems and give them support and hope. e.g. “Oh Jan, I am so sorry to hear about your (insert problem). I want you to know Dr. Smith has great success with (insert problem) so you have chosen the right doctor for help.” (use these statements carefully as your state and national law will allow)

Your next step is to schedule your phone training and break out and update your phone scripts as needed.

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