Avoid Making These Very Expensive Google Ad Mistakes!

Understandably, people that are unfamiliar with Google Ads will wonder whether or not it’s effective at all. It’s a sentiment shared with people who actually tried to run a campaign or two on Google Ads to no avail. This makes sense: there are regular changes to the system.

What Is Google Ads?

Google Ads, which used to be known as Google AdWords, is an advertising service created by the search engine giant. Back in mid-2018, Google announced the change in order to better reflect all of the campaign types involved such as Display, Search, and Video.

It can seem rather tempting to just throw in the towel and forego pay-per-click yields from using Google Ads. This is especially true for people who failed in their attempts to use it before. Generating leads is done quite well by Google Ads, and the ROI (return on investment) is actually very profitable for any business that makes use of it.

Here are very expensive Google AdWords mistakes that should be avoided:

Directing Clicks to the Homepage Instead of a Landing Page

In truth, the homepage has plenty of things going on. Targeted users might end up clicking away if they are confused by a busy homepage when there’s a more suitable page for them to be on. Clicks should always be directed to a landing page instead so that there’s a high shot at lead conversion.

Incorrect Google Analytics Installation

Google Analytics needs to be installed properly. When an error happens to that end, tracking clicks gained from campaigns run on Google Ads will be practically impossible. Figuring out exactly what keywords brought in traffic won’t happen either.

Basically, a campaign’s effectiveness (or lack thereof) won’t get analyzed properly.

Keyword Stuffing Ad Groups

Aside from being a Google Ads error, this is considered a “black hat” or bad practice for SEO in general. It’s also known as spamdexing or webspam. This is basically when a campaign has, as the name suggests, plenty of keywords. Specifically, one too many keywords. The idea behind this is to try and manipulate Google’s algorithm; there’s no future there. The search engine giant is actually well aware of this tactic and considers it abuse.

Not Taking on Retargeting

This particular aspect has a rather bad reputation. It’s generally seen as annoying or downright worrisome since it propagates the way ads “follow” users online. All it takes is being executed right away: when that happens, ad visibility will improve. As a result, there will be more clicks, which is always a good thing.

Paying Google “Dummy Tax”

This just means paying more money to run campaigns because their quality scores, when compared to industry averages, are quite low.

Staying away from committing these kinds of mistakes will help any company or organization save funds that would have been wasted otherwise.


Google Ads works, contrary to what people who haven’t tried it or who initially failed think. Expensive mistakes should be avoided when a campaign or two is run on there. These wrongdoings include keyword stuffing ads groups, incorrect Google Analytics installation and not taking on retargeting.

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