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Avoid Making These Very Expensive Google Ad Mistakes!

Understandably, people that are unfamiliar with Google Ads will wonder whether or not it’s effective at all. It’s a sentiment shared with people who actually tried to run a campaign or two on Google Ads to no avail. This makes sense: there are regular changes to the system.

What Is Google Ads?

Google Ads, which used to be known as Google AdWords, is an advertising service created by the search engine giant. Back in mid-2018, Google announced the change in order to better reflect all of the campaign types involved such as Display, Search, and Video.

It can seem rather tempting to just throw in the towel and forego pay-per-click yields from using Google Ads. This is especially true for people who failed in their attempts to use it before. Generating leads is done quite well by Google Ads, and the ROI (return on investment) is actually very profitable for any business that makes use of it.

Here are very expensive Google AdWords mistakes that should be avoided:

Directing Clicks to the Homepage Instead of a Landing Page

In truth, the homepage has plenty of things going on. Targeted users might end up clicking away if they are confused by a busy homepage when there’s a more suitable page for them to be on. Clicks should always be directed to a landing page instead so that there’s a high shot at lead conversion.

Incorrect Google Analytics Installation

Google Analytics needs to be installed properly. When an error happens to that end, tracking clicks gained from campaigns run on Google Ads will be practically impossible. Figuring out exactly what keywords brought in traffic won’t happen either.

Basically, a campaign’s effectiveness (or lack thereof) won’t get analyzed properly.

Keyword Stuffing Ad Groups

Aside from being a Google Ads error, this is considered a “black hat” or bad practice for SEO in general. It’s also known as spamdexing or webspam. This is basically when a campaign has, as the name suggests, plenty of keywords. Specifically, one too many keywords. The idea behind this is to try and manipulate Google’s algorithm; there’s no future there. The search engine giant is actually well aware of this tactic and considers it abuse.

Not Taking on Retargeting

This particular aspect has a rather bad reputation. It’s generally seen as annoying or downright worrisome since it propagates the way ads “follow” users online. All it takes is being executed right away: when that happens, ad visibility will improve. As a result, there will be more clicks, which is always a good thing.

Paying Google “Dummy Tax”

This just means paying more money to run campaigns because their quality scores, when compared to industry averages, are quite low.

Staying away from committing these kinds of mistakes will help any company or organization save funds that would have been wasted otherwise.


Google Ads works, contrary to what people who haven’t tried it or who initially failed think. Expensive mistakes should be avoided when a campaign or two is run on there. These wrongdoings include keyword stuffing ads groups, incorrect Google Analytics installation and not taking on retargeting.

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Google Adwords

Setting Up Google Ads for Chiropractors in 5 Easy Steps

In 2016, the Chiropractor’s Association of Australia estimated that more than 12 million Australians visit the chiropractor annually. A year after, the number ballooned to 21.3 million patient visits per year.

How can you attract new patients and grow your practice? Google Ads is a good chiropractic marketing strategy to employ.

Understanding Google Ads

Google Ads is a paid advertising platform. It allows businesses to show their advertisements on search results pages when a user looks for a particular keyword online.

Since there are many companies in the same line of your business, advertisers bid on ad placement on certain keywords. It means that if you bid on the keyword “chiropractors near me,” got the top bid, and a potential patient searches that keyword using Google, your clickable ad will be the first thing they will see on top of the results page.

If this is a chiropractic marketing strategy you want to pursue, here is a quick Google Ads guide for you.

Google Ads Prerequisites

Using Google Ads is easy. You only need two things: a website and a Google account.

A website is essential because this is where your clickable ads will lead your potential clients. That is why you have to make sure that your site is responsive, easy to navigate, secure, and mobile-friendly.

Google Ads is a feature that you can only access if you have an existing Google account. While you can opt to use your personal Google account, it’s better to have a separate one for your business.

Steps to Establish Your Google Ads

1. Sign in to Google Ads

Go to Google Ads and sign in using your Google account credentials.

If you’re using Google Chrome and have signed in on the browser using your personal account, Google Ads will automatically recognise it. In that case, you may want to change your account and log in using your business account credentials.

2. Create a New Campaign

After signing in, click the option for you to make a new campaign. The site will guide you along the setup process through easy-to-understand prompts and selections.

The process is easy. You supply the necessary information, including your website URL, and Google scans your website and determines its legitimacy. It will confirm your website before you can set up a new campaign.

In creating a new campaign, you choose what ad types you like. The default choice is Responsive Search Ads, where you can make fifteen headlines with four descriptions. You can write your ads or choose among Google’s suggestions. When you’re happy with what you see, proceed to complete your account.

3. Target Your Audience

Setting up the campaign parameters includes choosing the keywords that would trigger your ads’ appearance and selecting the region where your ads will show. These steps are essential for targeting your intended audience so that you can maximise the money you spend on your ads. 

4. Set the Parameters

The next step is more about how much you want to spend on a campaign. After targeting your audience, you would have to determine how long your ad will run and set an appropriate budget for it.

Google Ads doesn’t have a minimum spend. You can spend as low as a dollar and get the results you want if you know how to play your cards right.

5. Pay Up

Once you’re done setting your ad up, you will be prompted to the billing page. You have to enter your details and payment method of choice, and you’re all set.


There are several ways to attract new patients to your clinic. But one of the easiest chiropractic marketing strategies is through Google Ads. However, if setting up a Google Ads campaign has your head spinning. There’s no shame in seeking assistance from a professional digital marketing agency.

If you’re looking for a reputable digital marketing agency in Sydney to help your chiropractic practice grow, then turn to Web Profit Maximiser. We offer expert digital marketing and management services to meet and exceed your digital marketing needs. Contact us for a free advertising audit today!

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Promoting Chiropractic Care on Facebook: Dos and Don’ts

Digital marketing has made it easier for companies to find and reach audiences, particularly those with highly targeted markets. Through online advertisements on Facebook and other massive platforms, chiropractic businesses can tap people who could potentially be interested in the services they offer. If you plan to utilise this market through Facebook, you must learn about the dos and don’ts to make your ads more compelling. 

Like other platforms, Facebook ads also follow some strict guidelines for health-related advertisements. You need to read through these guidelines to prevent your ads from being rejected or taken down by the platform. 

Here is a compilation of some of the basic Facebook ads rules that Facebook advertising agencies want their clients to know:

Never Start Your Ad With a Question

Facebook does not want any ads that violate the personal attributes of people. That includes medical conditions, religion, race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, beliefs, age, and more differences that need to be respected. Since these are sensitive matters for people, it would be best to be careful when communicating about such topics.

If you position your chiropractic care ads in a question form such as: “Do you experience back pain?” That could end up breaking the rule and getting your ad rejected. The challenge now is for Facebook advertising agencies to create intriguing and helpful advertisements about back pain without violating anyone’s personal attributions. Instead of using questions, try to turn them into statements.

Be Careful of Your ‘Truth Claims’ 

While statements are more acceptable than questions, you should also know the limits you can do with them. Facebook ads are sensitive to posts that claim to cure health-related issues, even if indirectly implied. Statements that have “will help” or “can cure your back pain” phrases might get rejected.

Because Facebook is a widely-used platform, it does not want to give any misleading information. In essence, it does not want chiropractic care to promise relief or help to patients because not everyone with back pain reading the ad will be eligible for the service.

Using “may” instead of “will” is more acceptable as it does not promise anything to anyone. 

Be Careful of the Images You Use

When communicating pain, the first image that comes to mind is a person with red highlighted painful areas in their body. If you think of using the same image for your chiropractic care Facebook ad, you should abandon that idea. Negative words and images are not something that Facebook likes. 

Explore Video Ads

If you think you can only explore a limited type of content, you can still be creative and find a way to play with the rules while still effectively promoting your business. For example, video testimonials are content that Facebook likes. 

Watching educational, informative, and testimonial videos are more reliable for the viewers’ eyes too. You only have to be smart about the captions, branding, and calls-to-action you use to ensure that your ads bring company returns.  


When you look closely at some rules featured in this article, they all boil down to the need for advertisers to be responsible communicators. When talking about health-related topics, it would be best to be considerate of everyone involved. There should be no false promises unless the data is backed by research. These rules also change as algorithms change. So make sure that you or your advertising agency keep themselves informed and updated all the time.

If you are looking for a Facebook advertising agency for chiropractors, look no further than Web Profit Maximiser. Our team is made up of award-winning experts, including world-class mentors for Facebook advertising. We can help you effectively reach out to your target audience and meet your business objectives. Contact us today to learn more. 

dinner with doc

How a Chiropractic Dinner with the Doc Works and Why You Should Do It

The ‘Dinner with the Doc’ concept is getting quite popular these days, and you might be wondering if this is something that you, as a chiropractor, can do, too. Well, the short answer is yes. This type of program is beneficial both for the doctor and the potential patients as this gives them a chance to start their relationship on a positive note and know a bit more about each other.

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Why Video Marketing Can Be Good for Your Chiropractic Office

Many businesses use video marketing to help grow their business. However, how will it work in the chiropractic industry? Well, you’d be surprised at how diverse video marketing can be. By including videos in your chiropractic marketing, you can gain more clients and increase your sales. And here’s how you can use video marketing to showcase the best of your chiropractic office.

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4 Tips to Use Social Media for Effective Chiro Marketing

Not many chiropractors know this, but the ultimate marketing tool already exists that should be used to market your chiropractic services: social media. When used properly, even the smallest chiropractic clinics can gain tons of attention, attracting people to come and try out their services. Of course, while social media has been the go-to marketing platform for many businesses for quite a while now, this doesn’t mean that if you start using it, it will work right away. You need to know how to use it properly to get the right results without wasting time and effort.

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4 Reasons Content Creation Is Vital for Chiro Clinics

In your efforts to market your chiropractic clinic, you need to remember to pump out new content for your website. Content creation is an essential part of marketing any business, including chiropractic clinics such as yours. This is because people head online mostly to look for information to learn about something, and by providing content to your audience, they will have more reasons to come to your website to learn more about what you have to say.

digital marketing agency sydney

Improve the result of your advertising

If you want to make more profit from your advertisements, attract more clients and get better conversions, knowing how to properly target your customer is a must.

Targeting will narrow down your audience so that you can pin point you  advertisement in front of their eyes. Targeting properly means you will be spending less on advertising, but also making more money from your advertisements.

3 ways to get through to your ideal chiropractic patients using SEO and Google Ad campaigns

digital-facebook-advertising-specialist-agency-Hunters Hill

As the owner of your own chiropractic practice, you’ve probably wondered if there is a way you can better understand your ideal patient to attract them to your clinic. 

Maybe you’ve experimented with targeted marketing or even shelled out thousands with other marketing or SEO agency with limited success. 

While every marketing strategy requires testing and fine-tuning to achieve its maximum effectiveness. The reality is that many approaches ignore the most important first step: identifying who your ideal patient is in the first place. 

In this article, we’re going to delve deeper into identifying your ideal patient and ‘aligning’ them with your business (pun fully intended!).

Who is the ideal patient for your Chiropractic practice?

When you think of your favourite patient, does someone immediately pop into your head? I’m guessing it’s someone who you genuinely wouldn’t mind seeing each day for an appointment.

Your ideal patient is completely subjective and unique to you. The chiropractic practice down the road may have a totally different ideal patient.

Put very simply, your ideal patient is the one that you enjoy consulting with on both a personal and professional level. You’ll often have something in common beyond just their need for treatment. This could be a commonality of interests (like a shared hobby) or another area of mutual connection (like the shared experience of parenting toddlers). 

As an extension of this, they often have a health need that aligns with their skills, professional knowledge, and career interests.

On a micro level, these patients are also likely to be the ones that are willing to pay, provide you with favourable word-of-mouth, treat your team respectfully, commit to appointments etc.

In the bigger scheme of things, these patients are the ones you connect well with personally and who you are able to help towards wellness through your chiropractic techniques.

The first and most important way to get through to these ideal patients is to identify who they are. When you understand your ideal patient it becomes easier to connect with them through your social media, search and paid marketing efforts.

Once you’ve ticked that box, you can work on getting through to them…

How Chiropractors can attract new patients online

1. Define your ideal patient for your Google Ad campaigns

The first step to attracting more patients to your chiropractic practice is identifying your ideal patients. Perhaps you’ve already identified that your ideal patients are mostly 65+. Or maybe they’re professional rugby players.  

This is a great starting point, as it tells you where a good portion of their attention will already be. 

For example, if your ideal patients are rugby players, consider creating a unique offering especially for them and sending it out to the local rugby clubs and advertising it on sports platforms.

If your ideal patients are the elderly, consider where they spend their time and the best method of positioning your marketing. Understanding your patients’ interests will help to optimise targeting. 

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2. Research for SEO and Google Ads

Through purposeful messages and marketing creativity, you can tailor your advertising and offerings to your desired audience. Messages can be personalised to be highly relevant and practical for your ideal patients.  

These messages should consider important questions like:

  • What excites your ideal patients?
  • For example, are they concerned about being able to work, about their desired sporting achievements, or just keeping up their kids at home?
  • What are their health concerns?
  • Where do they spend their time?
  • What do they read and watch?
  • What do they talk about?
  • Who do they ‘follow’ on social media platforms?
  • What really matters to them?

Messaging and marketing should be written using images, videos and language that will resonate with them. Making use of the right keywords will help with your website SEO connect your Chiropractic practice with those who are actively searching online for pain relief.

3. Refine the marketing funnel to retain and attract new patients

Once you understand the desires of your ideal patient, you’ll have the ability to deliver treatments tailored to their problems.

How can a Chiropractor find more patients?You can provide incredible value and experiences when you understand what really matters to them. You can even look to package together treatments that collectively solve their problems.

For example, if your ideal patient is a rugby player, a treatment targeted at relieving the spinal dysfunction from past tackles may be just the ticket to attracting these ideal patients. 

This tailored approach will lead to increased patient retention and word-of-mouth referrals to other ideal patients. 

You’ll experience professional fulfilment when you can help people who need the skills and techniques that you offer.

By attracting your ideal chiropractic patients, you’ll be able to grow in a way that’s both sustainable and rewarding.

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