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Entrepreneurs, are you frustrated with the promise that social network’s will solve all your client attraction worries…only to be let down and find out things don’t quite pan out as promised. 

Well, here are steps to get better results with your social media efforts.

1. You focus on developing a blog that is spectacular and use that as the base of your content sharing approach (your advertising will become simpler). 

2. Keep to a consistent blog writing schedule, (at least once a week and I’ll share a real easy way to write posts in just minute), then share the posts and included images embedded and share on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and your favourite social channels. This will drive traffic to your website.

2A) Bonus tip. Turn your articles into video and put on YouTube. 

3. Find and use quotes from influencers. This will get their attention and can form a connection with them and lead to referrals, pod cast interviews and more. 

4. Blogging on a regular basis will also make you more of an influencer, and will lift your search results in google. 

Interesting social media fact: A research study by web advertising software giant Conductor says Organic research is accountable for 64% of your web traffic. 

Think about it, if you go to a networking event, and someone meets you, guess what they do when they go home after the event? 

Yep you guessed it, they Google you.

And if you come up in the search engines with great articles that are search engine friendly AND

interesting to read…you will build more credibility with your new networking connection AND…

have a better chance of doing business with them in the future. 

So as you can see networking and blog posting for search engine optimisation is crucial in compounding your networking efforts.

Advanced Social Media Tip:

Podcast with influencers – curating content or sharing your own content is not enough. 

You can multiply your results and get “credibility transference” when you join with influencers. 

By being interviewed or interviewing them, your association to them already makes you more credible in the eyes of anyone who knows about this influencer.  

In addition, you have an opportunity to be in front of their audience.

You are opening a floodgate of sharing possibilities by doing 20 to 40 minute podcast interviews with individuals in your niche. 

A simple way to get started is to use Talk Radio.  

They have a free option which allows you to record interviews at a radio show format. 

Utilize this ridiculously simple alternative for your podcasting if you wish to get started quickly. 

The people that you interview will probably have a large audience on their blog and via their e-mail marketing list you will be in front of. 

In addition, this can generate incredibly important backlinks which will provide greater power to your SEO. 

Build an email list with Facebook ads. Do not be afraid to spend a bit of money on Facebook advertisements for promotion.

We all know organic reach from social networks has been steadily diminishing during the last several years as more people join the platform and newsfeeds become “clogged” up. 

Sponsored Facebook advertisements increases your reach and allows you to drive individuals to an offer (lead magnet-something of value you give in exchange for someone’s email) like an ebook or free 7-day video coaching series to build your email database. 

While fans = community and social evidence, your final goal is to turn fans into leads –> prospects –> customers. 

Paid advertising is one step in the journey fans take to become a client eventually.

Here are Steps to creating a Facebook advertisement and increasing your email database mailing list – 

1. Create an irresistible offer (lead magnet) like an e-book. 

2. Create an opt-in landing web page utilizing a tool like Click Funnels 

3. Create a Facebook Ad targeted at your core “audience” and send them to your landing page.  

4. Budget $10 per day as a test. 

5. Track the results using Facebook Ads Manager and tweak as needed. 

Bonus Tip #1In addition make certain to use Google Analytics to target conversion tracking on your “thank you for signing up” page. 

Bonus Tip #2 Intall the Facebook Pixel on your landing page so you can set up re-targeting ads.

Now you have just started to build your email database, you can now email your new subscribers with useful content and other offers. 

Where can you come up with ideas for your blog posts, social media articles and lead magnets?

Search news sites like

Search the topics in google, facebook and you tube. NEVER copy someone, but you can take 4-5 articles and come up with some easy topics.

In fact, if you want the simplest solution I personally use…

I have a subscription to Articoolo and create articles for less than $1.

It’s super simple. I come up with a topic, question or problem and type in 2-5 words.

Articoolo creates a 450-500 word article.

I then spend about 15 minutes editing the article. My team then finds an image and creates the blog post optimising the article for SEO.

Once I approve the post, it is then published and placed into our favourite social media channels for our followers to see.


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