Video on social media platforms has seen such a huge rise, some people are calling it a takeover!

There’s been a surge of video content being produced, shared, and viewed, particularly on Facebook and Instagram. And it comes as no surprise.

If you’re scrolling through your feed, it just automatically plays and you can be drawn in right away.

According to a Facebook report, videos on the platform get 8 billion views every day, with about 100 million hours of video viewed daily! That’s a massive number and it’s one that businesses can no longer afford to ignore. After all, branded videos on Facebook have an average engagement rate of 6.3%, nearly twice as much as YouTube videos.

But this much video content makes it harder for one to stand out. That’s why we’re giving you five steps towards creating the best video to boost your business. And we also have some tips on making videos engaging here.

1. The hook

Facebook’s autoplay feature has made it easier to grab people’s attention, but you have only a few seconds to do it. 

So you’ve got to open your video with a strong hook to capture an audience. Using text overlays and superimposed graphics allow your audience to immediately have a sense of what they can get out of your video.

2. The pain point

“Are you tired of _____?” and “Have you ever thought _______?” are common opening lines for branded videos. While they may sound cliché, there’s a reason marketers use them. They immediately address the problem that viewers have. They say “I see you and I just might be able to help you.” Be straightforward about understanding their pain point and hinting at your capability to help.

3. An offer they can’t refuse

Here’s where it’s time for your products and services to shine. Now that their needs are at the forefront, you can swoop in and say “I have the solution to your problem.” Layout exactly how you can match what they’re looking for and possibly even deliver more. 

If you can, say how you’re different from your competitors. Is your product easier to use? Does it come at a fairer price point? Give them a reason to seriously consider becoming your customer.

4. Persuasion

If your audience has made it this far in, that’s a really good sign. It means you’re talking to the right people!

One way to convince them is to use social proof. This means leveraging on a review of your product by a credible source or using statistics to illustrate that you can be trusted.

So you can add testimonials in quotes or clips, or add numbers like “Be one of over 60,000 satisfied customers!” 

You can also mention that your offer has an expiration date, which will increase the urgency to make a purchase. I have also discussed how to create social media videos that get attention here.

5. Call to action

This is it. The final push. Your call to action is the marketing version of someone looking straight into the camera and saying “Just do it.”

Be specific about the course of action you want your audience to take. Is there a number they should call? Do you want them to visit your website to make a purchase? Let them know where to click and let them know they need to do it now.

So there you have it folks, a step-by-step guide to putting together a script for your next video! Get those writing caps on!  You can also read how to make your videos more engaging by clicking here.

If you need more help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, or explore the rest of the Web Profit Maximiser blog! We’ve got great gems you don’t want to miss out on!

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