5 ways chatbots will benefit coaches and speakers in 2020

The future of customer engagement and digital marketing is racing ahead at warp speed in our newly-commenced third decade of the 21st century.  And for speakers, coaches, and other people and education-focused businesses and enterprises, that means very exciting times lay ahead.

At the recent Gartner technologies summit, it emerged that Artificial Intelligence will start to absolutely dominate digital investments in our new year of 2020.

By year-end, almost half of all organisations will be deploying chatbots or virtual assistants that are evolving beyond simple queries to highly advanced predictive and real-time AI conversations and engagements.  And when it comes to engaging customers and building brands, that’s very good news indeed.

2020 chatbots – How speakers and coaches will benefit

Although digital marketing and customer engagement are important across the spectrum of the business world, it is the people and education-focused sectors like speakers and coaches who stand to benefit the most from cutting-edge advancements in this innovative technological area.

What is a bot, anyway?

We’re all familiar with that simple-interface chatbot that pops up in the corner of a site or app, simulating human language to make the interface between computers and users easier and more effective.  

And of course, chatbots are making a big splash in helping dentist to attract more customers with Facebook™ advertising.  Read more about chatbots here (point 3) 

But the responses are only going to get faster, more personal, more accurate, and more ‘human’ in 2020 and beyond.  They will understand and use better speech styles, express more complex and engaging personalities, and grasp written and spoken prompts with greater and greater accuracy.

So in those people-oriented sectors like coaching and speaking, where the next exciting generation of customer engagement and operations streamlining will be relevant to every business objective, the list of reasons to jump on the chatbot train will get more and more urgent.

So why exactly should you be looking at chatbots in 2020?

1. They don’t need sleep

Don’t worry about weekends, public holidays or even knock-off time – chatbots don’t even need sleep or a coffee break!  One entrepreneurial event company called Slush used a bot in 2019 and it handled almost 65% of an entire load of customer support requests.  

It is in these sorts of sectors, including speaking and coaching, that customers can tend to do their online research at night, and different time zones can also mean missing out on a call or enquiry.  

So being able to answer questions around the clock means more sales – it’s that simple.

2. People like bots

Forget the fear of death or speaking in front of a crowd, most people don’t even like making phone calls!  So as the texting phenomenon continues, and chatbot technology concurrently develops, a customer being able to relax, take their time and think clearly without nerves or time pressure is something that a patient and non-judgemental chatbot embraces.

3. Chatbots are smart

Did you think chatbots were clever?  Now, in 2020 and beyond, they’re going to get a lot more human-like – and maybe even better.  

Until now, many people’s experience of chatbots is that they can be limited in their functionality and struggle with the complex nuances of language.  

But human-like chatbots and the next generation of ‘voicebots’ powered by machine learning, natural language processing and deep emotional insights will lead to a truly personalised and humanised interaction that rivals and beats even the best trained human customer support team.

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The benefits listed above will all help you make more money from your customers as they speed along the process of finding what is being sought.  

But chatbots also inevitably save you money too, not only in ongoing and expensive paid advertising, but freeing up vital funds in your budget spent on customer service labour and ongoing training.  And that’s not even to mention the productivity gains of automating and streamlining more and more about how your business functions day to day.

5. The chatbot train is ready to jump onto

Right now, only about 40% of B2C (business to consumer) businesses use chatbot technology, but some are predicting that the number could rise to 80% by the end of 2020.  History shows us that early adopters are usually the ones who benefit the most, and the really great news is that a chatbot is much more affordable than a whole new app. For a gamble on any investment that could really pay off, chatbots look like a very safe bet indeed.

Final wrap: Why speakers and coaches need the next generation of chatbots

When it comes to eLearning, there will hardly be anything more exciting this year and beyond the innovations of chatbot technology.

And people and education-based industries like speaking and coaching will get more than a helping hand through evolved teaching methodologies, enhanced customer experience, and of course greater sales, bigger savings, greater streamlining and efficiency, and stronger brands.  Chatbots? It’s a train more than worth jumping aboard in 2020.

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