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Dr Adam Arnold has over 17 years experience in digital marketing and has been mentored by, and is a mentor to, some of the greatest marketing brains of today.

Facebook Ad Types (and How to Choose the Most Feasible Ad Type for Your Business)

If you’re advertising on Facebook for the first time, you might agree on the fact that the jargon associated with Facebook ads can be a little challenging for you. Also, different ad types may confuse you in deciding which type to choose for your specific advertising objective.

Facebook Advertising Objectives You Should Know About Before Creating Your First Ad Campaign

Choosing an advertising objective is essential when creating a Facebook ad campaign. The objective refers to your overall goal – what you want people to do when they see your ads. Facebook will vary the targeting and optimisation of your ads accordingly, so choosing the right objective is crucial.

Winning Customers: 5 Incredible Ways to Incorporate Emotional Marketing into Your Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads or advertising is vast. So are the players in it.

Millions of businesses reach out to their customers via Facebook advertising. Though this is a fierce competition on a single platform, you need to be sure that you win the game easily rather than making heavy investments in Facebook ads without getting any gains.

So, what should be done to ensure your Facebook ads really work? How can you win customers via Facebook?

How to Write a Facebook Ad Headline that Promises a Click

Facebook Ad headline isn’t the only reason why your prospects would visit your website, it does play a significant role in what they click, comment, and share online.

Undoubtedly, headlines are like the cherry on the cake, which makes everything all the more attractive.

Do you often share a Facebook post with your contacts even without going through the entire post? If yes, then that’s because its captivating headline has hooked you already!

Undeniably, there’s no way you can ignore that catchy headline. To create headlines and master the skill of writing headlines for Facebook ads, follow these useful tips.

facebook marketing strategy dr adam arnold

How to Devise a Facebook Marketing Strategy for Your Business

With businesses growing at an alarming speed, the need for having a Facebook marketing strategy is becoming critical. That’s because brands are utilizing all available social media platforms to reach their target audience – including Facebook.

However, the challenge is to devise a Facebook marketing strategy that perfectly aligns with your business goals. Inability to do so may lead to failure to plan right.

Even before preparing your first Facebook ad campaign, you’ll need a powerful strategy.

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