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Facebook Advertising Mistakes Get Fixed Dr Adam Arnold

5 Mistakes Businesses Often Make While Using Facebook Advertising (And How to Avoid Them)

By Adam Arnold | 22/11/2017

Over 1 billion people use Facebook daily, and 2 million businesses are already using Facebook advertising. So if someone says “Facebook is one of the best advertising platforms for reaching a huge portion of your target audience” – don’t be surprised. However, businesses stepping into Facebook advertising for the first time often come across a common […]

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Lead Generation With Facebook Advertising Dr Adam Arnold

Discover Lead Generation Ads: Taking Marketing Agencies Worldwide By Storm

By Adam Arnold | 22/11/2017

When you start to dive deeper into the world of Facebook advertising, you see how detailed each section is. This also includes the types of ads Facebook lets you to choose from – each linked with fulfilling a specific objective. The most effective of all these styles are lead generation ads.   About The Author […]

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Are Your Facebook Advertising Efforts Paying Off? 6 Ways to Measure the ROI

By Adam Arnold | 18/10/2017

Over the years, Facebook has remained a powerful advertising tool. Though you can track the social ROI of your Facebook advertising efforts by determining the clicks, likes, shares, etc., it’s time to go beyond this: how many Facebook users visited your website and made a purchase? How many new customers signed up? Is there any […]

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Facebook Ad Types (and How to Choose the Most Feasible Ad Type for Your Business)

By Adam Arnold | 17/10/2017

If you’re advertising on Facebook for the first time, you might agree on the fact that the jargon associated with Facebook ads can be a little challenging for you. Also, different ad types may confuse you in deciding which type to choose for your specific advertising objective.   About The Author Adam Arnold Dr Adam […]

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Facebook Tactics of 2017 That Actually Drive Conversions

By Adam Arnold | 16/10/2017

Struggling to get your Facebook ads driving conversions? Check out these 10 tips that can make a difference!

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Facebook Advertising Objectives You Should Know About Before Creating Your First Ad Campaign

By Adam Arnold | 15/10/2017

Choosing an advertising objective is essential when creating a Facebook ad campaign. The objective refers to your overall goal – what you want people to do when they see your ads. Facebook will vary the targeting and optimisation of your ads accordingly, so choosing the right objective is crucial.   About The Author Adam Arnold […]

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