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How To Go From Cold Prospect To Raving Customers In 3 Steps With Facebook Advertising

By Adam Arnold | 15/07/2019

Video on social media platforms has seen such a huge rise, some people are calling it a takeover! Getting new customers from cold prospects in Facebook can be tricky.  Marketing to attract the right type of customer requires being creative and strategic.    About The Author Adam Arnold Dr Adam Arnold has over 17 years […]

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6 ways to create better Social Media Videos that get attention

By Adam Arnold | 12/07/2019

Video ads may seem like an intimidating area to invest your time and resources in.  But because video is now such an important platform, it simply cannot be ignored.  Not using video would be shortchanging your company and you’d miss out on a huge opportunity to reach more potential customers.    About The Author Adam […]

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The 4 Step System For Great Business Testimonials (examples included)

By Adam Arnold | 28/06/2019

Dear Friend, You are here today because you have decided to give a business you love a testimonial or you are a business and you are looking for a simple system for great business testimonials that you can share with your customers.   About The Author Adam Arnold Dr Adam Arnold has over 17 years […]

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Killer Email Subject Lines…

By Adam Arnold | 18/06/2019

AND 6 Tips To Skyrocket Email Open Rates Email subject lines are, undoubtedly the most crucial elements of your emails. A winning subject line is your secret trick to reeling in these open rates. The e-mail subject line is the first thing your reader sees and then determines if they are going to open or […]

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chiropractic referrals from your phone?

By Adam Arnold | 13/03/2019

Your phone is the first point of contact for new customers This really happened to me… I had just purchased a new product that wasn’t working… I read the instructions…BUT…I was still having problems getting it to work… Finally I gave up and called support…   About The Author Adam Arnold Dr Adam Arnold has […]

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Recommended Business Book Of The Week

By Adam Arnold | 13/01/2018

Check Out Our Book Of The Week

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