How a Chiropractic Dinner with the Doc Works and Why You Should Do It

The ‘Dinner with the Doc’ concept is getting quite popular these days, and you might be wondering if this is something that you, as a chiropractor, can do, too. Well, the short answer is yes. This type of program is beneficial both for the doctor and the potential patients as this gives them a chance to start their relationship on a positive note and know a bit more about each other.

If this is something that you are interested in and wish to know how it works to determine if it will be suitable for you, this post is for you. Web Profit Maximiser shares what you need to know about Chiropractic Dinner with the Doc Talks:

How Do You Set Up a Dinner with the Doc Event?

Find and Book a Venue 

The first thing you need to do is find a local restaurant with a hall or a room where you can do the event. If there’s none available, you can perhaps speak with the managers and see if they’ll allow exclusive use of the restaurant for a certain number of people for two to three hours or so. The important thing is that you secure a venue where you’ll be able to conduct your talk without distractions. And because it’s called “Dinner with the Doc” you’d want to find a place that’s also known for their excellent food because even if that’s secondary to what you’ll share during the event, it won’t hurt to book a restaurant where people would be excited to dine, too. 

Once you find one available on the date and time you prefer, you can choose the menu and book the date.

Choose Your Topic

One of the essential elements of this event is the topic that you will discuss. Choose a topic that is relevant to your would-be patients. For instance, you can discuss the ‘benefits of chiropractic care during a pandemic’ or ‘how chiropractic care can help your mental health.’ These are timely topics that would interest people. Of course, you can always talk about your specialty or any topic you deem important, or you feel comfortable discussing.

Start Marketing

Once you have decided on the topic, it’s time to let people know about your event. Promote it on all your social media platforms. Post it on your website. Also, consider going with traditional advertising methods like giving away flyers or putting up posters, and others. Digital marketing can help you reach a wider audience online and get you more potential ‘guests’ for the event. 

Nail the Dinner

When the night of the event comes, be your dazzling self. Make sure your talk is informative yet engaging and fun. As much as possible, make it interactive. Give your potential patients the opportunity to ask questions, too. Give them a glimpse of what it would be like to have you as their doctor and what kind of doctor-patient relationship they will have with you. Of course, you shouldn’t forget to leave them your contact details and the address of your clinic and have your staff ready to schedule appointments if attendees wish to make them.


Strategies like the “new patient dinner program” work well because they give potential patients a glimpse of what they can expect when they visit your clinic. They won’t feel as intimidated as they would seeing a chiropractor they’ve never met. And because you’ve already provided them with information, they wouldn’t feel like they’re walking into your clinic blindly. Add to that the fact that because you’ve provided them with that informative and free food, most of the attendees, if not all, would somehow feel like they need to turn up to your office, too. 

The success of Chiropractic marketing strategies like the Dinner with the Doc Talk heavily depends on digital marketing, too. After all, that’s where most people are today – online. Web Profit Maximiser from Baulkham Hills-Sydney can help ensure that your upcoming event is marketed well on social media and other digital platforms so you can reach as many people as possible. Contact us today to know how we can help your chiropractic clinic!


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Dr Adam Arnold has over 17 years experience in digital marketing and has been mentored by, and is a mentor to, some of the greatest marketing brains of today.



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