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Facebook Promoted Posts: A Summary

Regardless of how many Likes your Business’s Facebook page has attracted, not everyone sees everything that you publish.

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Common Type of Facebook Ads

No other social media platform has monetized itself as successfully as Facebook.

With over 1.8 billion active users of all possible demographics, and a growth trend that does not look like slowing, there has never been a better market for advertisers of all levels.

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Facebook Advertising: Promoted Posts vs Boosted Posts

Facebook have recently streamlined their advertising options from 25 down to 9, however the remaining two options for generating post views appear to be very similar.

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Boosted Posts – A Basic Summary

Boosted Posts are an easy and effective way of advertising your business of Facebook.

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Case Study Facebook Ads For A Hypnotherapist

Facebook Ads For A Hypnotherapist: $30,000 of leads for $1,000 ad spend

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How To Improve Online Conversions

The Magic Of Re-Targeting

If you have studied sales and marketing, you have probably heard that it requires 7 points of contact or 7 touches before someone will buy. This happens for several reasons.

Here are a few:

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Improve your online sales by 70%!!

If you have a business that has several products and already has a offline or online catalogue this article is a must read.

Online sales are booming and research is showing that over 7.5 million Australians make at least one online purchase every 4 weeks!

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Improve Your Advertising Results

If you want to make more profit from your advertisements, attract more clients and get better conversions, knowing how to properly target your customer is a must.

Targeting will narrow down your audience so that you can pin point you  advertisement in front of their eyes. Targeting properly means you will be spending less on advertising, but also making more money from your advertisements.

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