Facebook Tactics of 2017 That Actually Drive Conversions

If you are struggling with Facebook ads in driving conversions you might want to check out the tactics below to boost your conversions.

Tip 1 Research Clients

Taking the time to research your clients and understand them can lead to better conversions. Once you have researched clients you can then use Facebook ads to target based on such as gender, their interest, location, age and much more.

Tip 2 Understand the Clients Frustrations

Get an idea of what frustrates people the most. If people find something frustrating it is highly unlikely that you will be able to convert them into customers no matter how attractive your ads might be.

Tip 3 Tailor Your Written Content to Clients

You might also want to use the audience insights feature on Facebook to help you get a better idea of your audience and then create ads and content that is relevant to their interests. When creating content it is also essential that you write in the language of those you want to convert. Accountants, for instance, will respond to a different language to lawyers or doctors, so tailor content accordingly in the language of the customer.

Tip 4 Always Keep It Simple

Always keep things as simple as possible on the landing page coming from the ad. You might interest people with the ad but if the landing page is too complicated with links, tables, and icons that are cluttered, it is going to hurt your conversion rates. In short, if buttons, links are information is not going to support the goal of the page you do not need them.

Tip 5 Use Visual Elements Wisely

Getting clicks on Facebook ads is all well and good providing they convert when reaching your landing page. With this in mind, you should give some thought to ensuring the design of the landing page from the Facebook ad flows along nicely. Content should be easy to read and broken up with images and graphics, making it easier to digest. Huge blocks of text tend to lead to lower conversions and high bounce rates.

Tip 6 Use Video Content to Increase Conversions

Using video in certain ways can help you to increase conversions. However, do not just add a video just for the sake of it. Make sure that any video is going to communicate your product or brand much better than a sales video. Create a video that provides information that is going to influence the process of the audience making a decision and one that is going to ensure that people take action.

Tip 7 Clear Call-To-Action

It goes without saying that any Facebook ads are going to lead to a better conversion if it has a call to action. The call to action should be clear and precise, such as head over to a landing page or lead to a coupon or discount. Always make sure the CTA is very clear as people do not like confusion.

Tip 8 Make Tests to Find the Best Conversion Ads

When you have designed ads you should always test them to ensure which of them are converting best. The audience retention graph feature of Facebook will help you to find out what is working the best.

Tip 9 Optimise Ads for Computer and Mobile

Bear in mind that a lot of people use mobile devices to browse the web, including Facebook. With this in mind ensure that you optimise ads for both computer and mobile as both platforms behave differently in performance variations. An ad might work better on mobile than computer while another will be vice-versa. If using the power editor in Facebook you can choose which device to target.

Tip 10 Show People Why They Need Your Product

Showing people why they need your product is one of the keys to getting conversions through Facebook ads. Make the ad appealing and ensure that those viewing the ad realise the benefits of your product to them and on the landing page ensure the copy is relevant to the visitor and what they want.

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