Top Facebook Advertising Trends to Follow in 2017

With the advent of new innovations in Facebook advertising, many businesses are creating an edge over their competitors. They learn about a new feature about Facebook ads. They adapt the change and incorporate it into their Facebook advertising strategy. That’s what helps them win more customers.

Do you want to adapt a similar approach but are afraid if investing in new ways of advertising via Facebook ads is a worthwhile decision?

To grab your market share via Facebook advertising, it’s crucial to know about the recent trends related to the same industry.

Let’s explore what these trends are and how to attract a higher level of customer base by following these trends:

The Launch of Facebook Marketplace

A higher number of groups related to buying and selling goods are popping up on Facebook. Undoubtedly, this insight is simply hard to ignore. In response to this trend, Facebook has launched “Marketplace” to its app. This feature provides an online platform for Facebook users to sell and buy goods.

Are you wondering if this change will take on eBay?

Well, it’s quite near to reality! That’s because over 450 million users visit the ‘sell and buy’ groups every month. By using “Marketplace,” as an online platform, it has even become easier for businesses to sell their products or services to their local community, thus, increasing sales.

The Need for Custom Audiences

With its “Engagement on Facebook” feature, the company offers a new option to target your ads to a niche segment of audiences: those users who have engaged with your content on Facebook. Now, you no longer will be relying on your Page fans or website visitors only.

With the help of Custom Audiences, you can also target your potential customers who opened the lead form, but for any reason, did not complete it.

This feature presents an opportunity for businesses: it will help you tailor focused ads that will be specifically designed according to the engagement history of your audiences. This way, there will be higher chances to achieve instant conversions.

Ad Breaks Is a Win-Win Situation for Users and Businesses

Facebook Live adapts monetization. The company considers placing ads in live videos (either as a display ad or a video ad). This new feature is called “Ad Breaks.”

Ad Breaks is an innovative way through which Facebook users can earn money from their Facebook Live videos. The feature comprises of breaks during live videos. These breaks contain short advertisements – the shared revenue goes to the users.

What’s in it for businesses: This is an opportunity to create a video ad and place it in the Ad Breaks – a great way to reach a higher number of your target audience.

CTA Buttons Are Now Available on Local Pages

A majority of local businesses lack resources and budget to design their own app. This is one of the reasons why such businesses are unable to provide value-added mobile experience to their customers. To bridge the gap, Facebook has introduced “Call-to-Action” buttons.

The objective behind these CTA buttons is to enable users to carry out various actions immediately (including ordering directly via Facebook). For instance, they can order food from a local restaurant directly by clicking on a single call-to-action button that’s already available on the Facebook Page.

Instant Articles Are Here to Stay

What if your potential customers scroll through an article posted by your company but the heavy load time creates a mess? This may happen if the article is unable to load quickly. Mobile users often face this issue while scrolling through Facebook posts.

That’s why Instant Articles emerged. Initiated by Facebook, this new feature displays posts with minimum load time – i.e. it is 10 times faster than mobile browsers. This offers a smooth user-experience.

But what’s in it for businesses?

By using your analytics and measurement, you can include ads in your Instant Articles. To market your brand, you can use Facebook Audience Network while keeping seventy percent of the ad revenue.

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