How to Write a Facebook Ad Headline that Promises a Click

Facebook Ad headline isn’t the only reason why your prospects would visit your website, it does play a significant role in what they click, comment, and share online.

Undoubtedly, headlines are like the cherry on the cake, which makes everything all the more attractive.

Do you often share a Facebook post with your contacts even without going through the entire post? If yes, then that’s because its captivating headline has hooked you already!

Undeniably, there’s no way you can ignore that catchy headline. To create headlines and master the skill of writing headlines for Facebook ads, follow these useful tips.

Grab Their Attention with Direct Headlines

While you can use catchy wordplay for the headline, it may not always work with your audience.  Sometimes, you need to convey the direct message to make it more attractive. This is more suitable for Facebook ad headline where you want to inform your audience about a sale or an attractive promotion.

Direct headlines, when written in a precise and relevant manner, go right to the point!

Here are some examples:

  • “30% Off on Entire Stock – Starting Today!”
  • “Grab Your Copy of Free Guide for Knitting for Beginners”

Try News Headlines

As humans, we’re attracted to anything that seems out of the norm – for instance, news!

We all want to be the know-it-all and stay updated with whatever is going on. Therefore, it’s no surprise why a headline revealing any sort of news is so attractive for us. The same phenomenon is true for your Facebook ad audience.

As a brand, your news could be about your own products and services. Again, this is a direct way of putting attractive headlines.

Here are some examples:

  • “Now launching “product XYZ” available in all stores.”
  • “We’re now offering free shipping.”

Get the Most from the How-To Headlines

Just like the word, ‘sale’ triggers your buying habit almost instantly, the ‘how-to’ titles are a surefire way to grab your audience’s attention. People are here to learn. The more creative you’re with your approach, the more clicks you can guarantee.

A simple ‘how-to’ before a title makes it so attractive. Here’s how:

  • “How to motivate your team before the game – find out now.”
  • “How to use social media strategies to grow your business.”

Ask Questions

Questions are major brain influencers, and thus, they can be very attractive when used in headlines. The human mind feels ‘challenged’ when it reads anything that has a question in it.

When used in headlines, it can instantly arouse your potential customers’ curiosity and grab their attention. However, to make it work for your business, it’s important that the question is relevant to your business and makes sense to your target audience.

Here are some good examples of ad headlines with a question:

  • “Are you using the social media right to boost your sales and reputation?”
  • “Is social media marketing the ultimate solution to your brand’s need?”
  • “Why do you need to work with professionals to take care of your Facebook advertising goals?

When In Doubt, Consult a Facebook Advertising Agency

Your Facebook ad headline play a vital role in collecting maximum clicks for you. The key is to understand that not all formulas may work with your target audience. Thus, it’s essential that you learn the ones that will work best for you.

To easiest way to do is to seek assistance from a professional Facebook advertising agency. They may help you grow your business by attracting a larger base of Facebook users who can be your potential customers. That way, it’s easier to maximize your leads, grow exposure, and help you earn bigger profits.

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