Common Type of Facebook Ads

No other social media platform has monetized itself as successfully as Facebook.

With over 1.8 billion active users of all possible demographics, and a growth trend that does not look like slowing, there has never been a better market for advertisers of all levels.

As the company developed they have offered a vast array of advertising options. At one time there were actually 25 different ways you could advertise on the platform. Thankfully Zuckerberg and Co. have streamlined that a bit now, only carrying forward with the options that proved their success.

While there are more types of Facebook Ads available than those we are going to discuss here, the following will outline the concept behind the 9 most common, and effective methods for advertising on Facebook in 2017.

Promoted Posts

By paying a fee Facebook will ensure a pre-determined audience size will view your ad. Facebook even has an app for that. Facebook Ads Manager will allow you to create your ad, set your budgets and select a target audience (either a demographic, a geographical area, or people interested in certain topics), and also track the engagement your ad is receiving from the audience.

While the fee chosen specifies Facebook’s support of the ad, if it is well designed and entertaining, it is possible for the ad will remain visible (through Shares and Tagging) once your paid run has ended. Promoted Posts can therefore deliver organic visibility of your ad, making them an efficient, accurate and effective option for advertising your business on Facebook.

Boosted Posts

If your business Facebook page has more than 50 Likes Boosted Posts become an option. If you create a post that you feel is particularly engaging, you will have the option (through Settings) to boost its presence and reach. You can select a budget for time and reach, target the post either to your Page’s followers and friends, or, similarly to Promoted Posts, select places, or up to 10 topics of similar interest.

Boosted Posts cannot be edited once you have set them free, so be read them carefully before sending them out. If you find an error in a boosted post, it will need to be deleted, edited through Facebook Ads Manager, and Boosted again. Try to avoid these expensive mistakes.

Multi Products

Facebook’s user tracking features start to really pay out in this type of Facebook Ad. You are able to create a Multi-Product Ad that displays a 3 of your products in a single ad pane, and you are then able to target this to people who have visited your webpage but not purchased anything.

Statistics suggest 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned, however Facebook Multi-Product Ads are able to directly target those visitors with a view to encouraging them to come back to your website and perhaps complete their purchase.


It is no secret that Facebook is challenging traditional forms of in-home entertainment, and the development of their Video Ads options is a direct challenge to traditional television advertising.

If you have a video hosted on Facebook (that is, not a YouTube video) you are able to promote it. Facebook will track how many times the video is viewed and charge you accordingly. But be warned, Facebook will consider the video as being viewed of a user has watched only 3 seconds of it, with or without sound.


Probably the most basic form of Facebook Ad, Domain ads are becoming less effective as more Facebook users move to the mobile platform (where Domain ads are not displayed). A Domain ad can be as simple as a business graphic, a few sentences and a link. These ads live in the right-hand column of the desktop version of Facebook.


Facebook has made App Ads a simple and targeted offering. The platform can track not only the Apps present on a mobile device, but those that have been purchased previously through either of the primary App stores, and will display related apps, with a touch-link directly through to the App store.


Facebook will use all its social media powers in promoting event pages that are hosted on the platform. Events Ads are designed with the single purpose of increasing the number of RSVPs an event receives. It does this by displaying to the friends of those who have already responded, and showing how many people are going.


Special offers promoted through Facebook will also link through Social information by showing how many friends have taken advantage of the offer. – if your promotion or discount falls within Facebook’s terms and conditions

Page Likes

Used to increase the number of likes you receive, these ads will target the friends and connections of people who have already liked you page. This type of Facebook Ad plays on the understanding that friends will often have similar interests

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