Case Study Facebook Ads For A Hypnotherapist

Facebook Ads For A Hypnotherapist: $30,000 of leads for $1,000 ad spend

Hey guys, this is Dr. Adam Arnold from Web Profit Maximizer. Tonight I wanted to create a short video for you about one of our case studies here. This is, it’s February 7th, 2017 and we’re looking at a campaign for the last 30 days. This particular campaign we have two ads running it. This is for a hypnosis business that helped people stop smoking. They charge about 500 dollars for this service. It’s important I think to sort of clarify, this business isn’t the easiest business to market because of the scepticism that people have. I think this is a good example of what web profit maximizer can do. We’ll create some other case studies for you as well. Right here you can see that we’ve generated 41 leads for cost of about 14 dollars and 30 cents per lead for a total cost in 30 days of 585 dollars. This ad here has generated 11 leads for nearly 40 dollars a lead. A cost of 440 dollars. Together these two ads have generated 52 leads for about a thousand dollars and that would equate to the potential of 30 thousand dollars in business coming into that client if they attracted every single one of those leads and converted them.

Obviously they didn’t. But if they just converted even a quarter of that and that’s going to wind up being 12 thousand dollars for that business for less than a thousand dollar odd spent. That’s really where we want to focus on is our return on investment, not necessarily what it costs per lead. It’s more focused on your internal investment.

That’s one example of a case study that I just wanted to share with you.

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