The Rocks

Surrounded by the Sydney opera house and the Sydney harbour bridge, The Rocks is housed on the beautiful Sydney harbour. The site is the perfect blend of the old and the new Sydney.

From elegancy in architecture to the intimate laneways which are cobblestoned to retain the beauty of the old Sydney. The finest of the bars and the pubs of the city are located here with some of the most fantastic shops and delightful restaurants which serve the most delicious food in the entire city.

view of hotels in The Rocks
Rendezvous Hotel at The Rocks

MCA is one of the most popular ambassadors of The Rocks and it is an emerging cultural precinct of the city as well as the neighboring Bondi junction. The entire area is the main highlight in the city at the time of festivals. You will find all kinds of things and activities to indulge in here including the most exotic cuisines, cultural and contemporary arts, and amazing experiences all in all.

During the time of Christmas and New Year, the Rocks looks amazingly beautiful with all the fancy and gorgeous decoration which makes the place electric. There are more than 50 restaurants at the site which serve the most authentic food in city. Other than the restaurants you can spot a lot of street food joints which have cost effective food servings which will sure shot charge your taste buds with some of the best food your will have ever.

picture of The Rocks at night
The Rocks Waterfront and Sydney Skyline at night

Be it the time of your breakfast or a brunch, a simple drink or a dessert craving, you can always find the best in all the ranges here also with a lot variety to spare. The collection and delight in the food here cannot be put to words.

Other than the food, there is a lot more associated with the Rocks. You can spot a lot of museums and galleries which display contemporary and modern arts within their premises which can be visited by you while you take a visit at this place. The bustle and crow of the people makes the pace extremely energetic and glorious.

The local markets of the place are other attractions which you cannot miss. The local markets compile a lot of shops for you to hog upon featuring various products along with variety in shoes, bags, belts, jewelry, accessories, clothes, toys, games, gifts, and so much more. The handicraft market of the site is also quite famous, you can find unique products for yourself to take home. There is a food market which is open for the public to take away food both cooked and raw.

The place makes a perfect spot for you capture the soul of the city right at one place and the best part is that Rocks is surrounded by a lot of more attractions as now you can also visit them when you pay a visit to this place. You can take an entire day off and move around and still the time will be less as you would have so much more to explore.

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