Luna Park Sydney

Also known as the Luna Park Precinct, the Luna Park Sydney is one of the most fun attractions to be in the city if you are anywhere around or in Roselands.. Presently, the site is working as an amusement park, however, it was originally a heritage site which has also been listed in the transport interchange formerly. The park is located at 1 Olympic drive in New South Wales on the northern shore of the city in Australia. The park is extensively owned by the Luna Park Reserve Trust which is one of the agencies of the Government of New South Wales and has also been submitted as one in the Heritage Register of the city in the year 2010.

Inaugurated in the year 1935, the park operates on all the day all around the ear and is also open on other holidays. There are more than 14 rides in the park along with one more roller coaster. The major architects of the park are Herman Philips and Rupert Browne. It is located at a very short distance from the harbour bridge of the city which is almost 600 metres. The most fascinating part of the park is its entrance.

photo shows a giant face at the entrance of Luna Park Sydney
The Face at Luna Park entrance in Milsons Point

The park has a huge smiling face as its entrance which has been inspired from many other parks all around the world. This face is an immediate reflection for the people who visit that they are about to have a fun journey while they are inside the park. The smiling face attracts the children the most and they tend to develop and instant liking for the park while they have not even entered yet. There are two pillars on the side which support the smiling face in the middle. The smiling face is about 30 feet wide wand is surrounded with its flanking towers.

The major attraction of the park is the Midway. You will the find the biggest crowd of people scattered at this spot in the park as it is the most fun and exciting sport in the park. This part of park also allows access to almost all the main activities and amusements of the park from the same area. it is actually the focus of the park. The crystal palace, the Coney Island, and the big top, all of them can be accessed from here.

photo of Moon Ranger ride, one of the thrill rides in Luna Park in Sydney
Exhilarating Moon Ranger ride at Luna Park Sydney

Another attraction here is the crystal place which was originally open for being used as an office space and a dodgem hall. However, now the palace is being used for a lot more ways like the games arcade, BMX track, dance hall, and also a bar and a restaurant so you can have a lot of food to eat after a tiring day at the amusement park.

The Big Top was added to the amusement park when the reconstruction of 2003 took place at the site where Ghost Train was located before the reconstruction. It is fully licensed and also a multipurpose venue. A lot of major events take place at this spot throughout the year.

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