Hillsong Church

Located in the suburb of Baulkham Hills, the Hillsong Church is one of the most popular destinations for you to visit if you are anywhere. The church is pure heaven and is a delight to visit. You will be mesmerized to take a view of the ambiance of the church and the fascination inside the church is beyond imagination divine.

There is something about religious places which bounds us to stay and maintain calm. Well, the Hillsong Church is one for sure. This church is a Christian denomination and charismatic Christian mega church. Founded in the year 1983, the church was formerly called as the Hills Christian Life Centre. The church was established and started by Brian Houston and his wife whose name is Bobbie.

The church is in fame due to a lot of reasons. However, some of the major reasons of the church getting popular include its worship music, its beautiful architecture and divinity it offers to its visitors. For the people who believe in the eternal power of the almighty, this place cannot be missed for sure.

People not just from Baulkham Hills flock Hillsong Church

People from the suburb of Baulkham Hills and from the neighbouring suburbs including Bella Vista and Seven Hills visit the church every now and then to offer their prayers. Around 100,000 visit the church in the span of a week from all over the globe. Not only the locals but people from all around the world believe in the sovereignty pouring out of the church.

The musical history of the church goes a long way. The church is pretty famous not only for its divine nature but also due to its music releases. This church has launched almost 40 albums which have sold as many as 11 million copies all over the globe. The people love their launches and support it as much as they can. Music is the heart and soul of the church and is the centre of worship for the people in and around the church.

If you are anywhere near this suburb or in it, you must take a visit to this church for your trip will be incomplete without it. The Sunday service at the church is pure magic. You can see how engrossed the people are the services of the church and how firmly they believe in their creator, Jesus and also the Bible.

During the time of special occasions, like Christmas, Thanksgiving, new year, the beauty of the church is beyond beautiful. The various decorations and the gorgeous interiors of the church look fabulous and offer a great opportunity for people all over the globe to bond with their fellow God and make the most of their trip.

The music here is world class and the talk shows get to make you feel phenomenal. Most of the talk shows conducted here are by the owner of the church, Brian. A lot of events take place here including major social events and other occasions. They are attended by people from different people which come from various backgrounds.

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