Balcombe Heights Estate: Sport, Skate and Dog Parks

Balcombe Heights Estate: Sport, Skate and Dog Park is one of the most fascinating features of Baulkham Hills. With a number of opportunities to make out of the fantastic place, the estate has something for everyone. You will have the most fun and creative time of your life at the parks.

As the name says it all, the estate area if combined a lot of things under one. Spread in the shape of an oval, the estate offers a number of attractions and activities for people to enjoy and have fun. You can come with your families, friends, companions, and even your dogs and enjoy a lot at all the parks.

The skate park is for the people who have the love for the port. The beautiful built skate park is excellent and has all the facilities you may require. You will also find tutors here who will be available to guide you and teach you how to skate if you have the interest and the will.

outdoor Skate park at Balcombe Heights Estate
Skate park at Balcombe Heights Estate

In the Sport park, you will clean and gracious cricket pitches as the major attraction. They are located right in the middle of the individual fields in the park and most of the times, you will find people playing their game at the same. The winters are the busiest season at the cricket pitches.

The fields are not very huge, but make quite an attraction for the people and children who come to have a day of cricket at the pitches. There is also a seating arrangement around the pitches where people can sit and watch the game and enjoy themselves.

The parks make an excellent place for you and family to spend a weekend and have a day of the picnic. You can bring some outdoor games and spread a sheet on the grass and have a wonderful time together.

aerial view of masonic oval at Balcombe Heights Estate
Masonic Oval

The Dog park is another attraction at the Balcombe Heights Estate in Baulkham Hills. You can bring your dogs here and let them have fun with a lot more dogs. You can allow them to stay off leash and have a lovely time bonding with other dogs and you as well. the healthy atmosphere all around for you and your family and your pets as well will make a perfect plan for any morning or evening.

The surroundings of the park offer a lot of natural instincts for the people of the suburb and also the neighboring suburbs including Bella Vista and Seven Hills.

Other than these activities, you can also find people taking long walks in the parks, during early morning or evening and enjoying the cool and fresh breeze with their dogs or some other company. Your dogs and you are going to love the atmosphere here. the beautiful views and the green areas are too good to be true. Make sure you take part in most of the sports activities and take a look at the skate park. They are truly amazing and fun for sure.

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