The Royal Botanic Garden

The Royal Botanic Garden is one of the most adventurous spots to be in if you are anywhere in the city or in the neighboring suburbs including Petersham. The views and the scenes at the garden are amazing. There is so much to enjoy and view at the garden that one day will not be enough. The garden consists of a lot more than just flowers. There are so many kinds of species of flora here at the garden and more that you will be amazed to see the diversity present in the nature and what it has to offer to us. You can catch up with your friends and families here and view the plants along as well.

There is something for everyone of all ages. Inside the garden is a building called as the Calyx which is a combination of food, shopping, events, workshops, and flower displays. It was opened in the year 2006, and has been operating since. It is located in the centre of the building. The architecture of the building is extremely gorgeous and also offers educational displays about flowers. You can also enjoy with a wide range of food items in its food joint and there are tremendous opportunities to shop as well.

picture inside Royal Botanic Garden
Located southeast of the Sydney Opera House and curved around Farm Cove

There is a large green wall in the calyx which is also the largest till date. There is a themed area inside the same which has been named as the Plants with Bite. It only houses carnivorous plants on display. A lot of events are also held at the same place. you can also volunteer for the bets or at the building to work or take part in the educational workshops and events that are conducted here. a lot of children from various schools, colleges, and universities, come to be a part of the same. You cannot miss the gardens here. there are so many themed gardens according to the native culture or their exotic nature. You can also find a lot of species here to conduct picnic and enjoy with your friends and family. The first garden is Cadi Jam Ora which shows the species of plants from Eora and is of fifty metres. There is the next one which is Australian rainforest garden with a lot of plants from the lands of Australia which are quite rare and ancient as well.

picture of one of the Botanic Gardens and Centennial Parklands
The Palace Gardens feature the Tropical Centre the Rainforest Walk and the Pioneer Garden

There is a palace rose garden with fragrant and formal roses mingle together which will delight you excellently. There is an herb garden with a sensory fountain and is the best spot for kids to enjoy. You can also enjoy bird watching here and relax with your picnic time. The palm grove is the next with some of the oldest trees of the garden which have been planted since its inauguration. The next is fernery which consist of begonias and orchids mostly. The next is the HSBC oriental garden which has almost 2000 cultivated wild plants from various countries. Other than these, there are many more as well.

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