Ted Horwood Reserve

aerial view of Ted Horwood Reserve
Located at Renown Road

Located in the suburb of Baulkham Hills, the Ted Horwood Reserve is an amazing tourist attraction for the people to go and have fun. Even the tourists from neighboring suburbs including Bella Vista and Seven Hills, come to pay a visit at the reserve for it is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the suburb and even nearby. It is an excellent park with so many opportunities to have fun and enjoy. It offers opportunities for people of all ages to experience thrill and adventure and have a day of happiness. The park is quite hidden and is located in one of the quiet suburban streets.

The reserve offers a huge ground for children to play. There are a number of swings and slides for the children to have fun within themselves and with their friends. There is so much creativity that can be seen vividly in the playground and has been made thoughtfully. You can definitely go to the park with your kids and enjoy. The swings are suitable for kids of all age groups. Some of the main features of the ground include rope ladders, toy shop, monkey bars, climbing apparatus, swing slides, and much more. The toy shop has a lot of varieties of toys and games for the kids to buy and take home for themselves. The best part of the ground is that it is fully fenced and you can be sure that your kids are absolutely safe and you have nothing to worry about. You can also host your kid’s birthday parties at one of the grounds in this park as it makes a wonderful venue in this context with lots of things for the children to have fun.

Another reason why this park is a beautiful attraction is due to its walking trails. People can go and take walks along the trails

bushwalks at Ted Horwood Reserve
Situated between Baulkham Hills and North Rocks

it offers. The mesmerizing and beautiful views of the park are endearing and taking a walk in such a pleasant environment is definitely great for your mind as well as your physical health. The fresh and cool breeze and the beautiful weather make the park an excellent place to take in the instincts of nature and enjoy the gorgeous landscapes it has. The environment is very peaceful and quiet and you will love the calmness it offers.

Another captivating part of the park is its tennis court. This is the part that makes the park extremely popular. People from all the suburbs visit the site of the reserve in Baulkham Hills just to enjoy their games at the tennis court it offers. The park lets you enjoy a handful of games in the tennis court of the game which is such a great way to have fun in a natural environment and quite different than the usual enclosed tennis courts.

Be it morning or evening, a day at the Ted Horwood Reserve will be full of amazement and you will not regret a single second you spend here with your loved ones or by yourself.

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