Sydney Olympic Park

Sydney Olympic Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city as well as in the world. People from various countries visit the place every year due to its immense popularity and fame. The park is actually a two in one combination of a large sports and centre and along with being an entertainment complex. You are going to have a lot of time of fun and enjoyment here with so many opportunities at it. The park is located at the west of the city and is commonly known as the Olympic Park.

The park is located at a distance of around 16 kilometres away from the central business district of the city in the area which is owned by the local government of the City of Parramatta Council. According to the census conducted in the year 2016, the centre can house up to as much as 1736 people in its premises. Incorporated in the year 1996, the centre spreads over an area of 2.6 square metres. There are a lot of suburbs in its neighboring areas including Liberty Grove, Lidcombe, Wentworth Point, Homebush, Rhodes, Newington, Burwood, and Ultimo. People from the local suburbs make quite a lot of frequent visit to the centre.

picture of a soccer stadium at Sydney Olympic Park
Stadium Australia

This area in the city was actually developed for the conducting of Olympics of the year 2000. Other than the park and the area for sports, a lot of other facilities were also built and were continued to be developed including sporting, cultural events, and musical concerts. A lot of major occasions and events have taken place here including the royal Easter show, Sydney festival, soundwave, Big Day, and other than that a lot of sports events of the world. Other than these sporting facilities, the park also has within its premises a lot of extensive parklands, and commercial development centres.

picture of an olympic size pool at Sydney Olympic Park
Aquatic Centre

You can get to witness the famous sport events, musical events, and so much here if you book yourself a ticket for the same. Other than that, the place also has a lot of stores for you to go crazy on shopping including stores of clothes, footwear, bags, shoes, leather products, jewelry, accessories, gadgets, and so much more. you will easily find a lot of food joints inside and around for you have your tummy full with loads of delicious snacks to have right away while you take a stroll around.

There is an also a gallery which goes by the name of the Armour Gallery which is located here and it houses a number of public arts and more collection which is indescribable. You are going to have a good time coming across various unique items and objects related to the culture, history, and even the modernisation of the country. There is also a BMX track, ANZ stadium, and Forest of Poles where a number of light shows are conducted which are engaging and very attractive, go have fun with your family and friends at one of the bests.

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