Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

Sea Life Sydney aquarium is one of the major attractions of the city. It is visited by a lot of people from the local areas as well as the neighboring suburbs including Chippendale. It is one of the most fascinating tourist attractions in the world and is visited by people all over the globe. It is always advisable that you book a ticket beforehand as it may get busy at the end moment and you may not be able to avail a ticket for yourself. The place is extremely happening and fantastic for you and your family to go and have fun. You can catch up with your friends at the aquarium and witness what all it has to offer.

photo of children looking at the tank in Sea Life
Children stare at this awe-inspiring tank at Sydney

The aquarium houses around thirteen thousand fish which belong to almost 700 species. They are all different in color and kind and look so attractive and beautiful at the same time. Other than fish, you will also spot a lot of unique aquatic creatures which may look weird and amazingly different. There will definitely be a few animals which you might not have seen earlier. There are almost fourteen themed areas in the aquarium and the areas have been themed according to the various animals and their backgrounds.

Inaugurated in the year 1988, the sea life Sydney aquarium houses the largest tank of the world in volume with more than 440,000 imp gallons of water. The aquarium is a public aquarium and is located in the city in New South Wales in Australia. You can locate it in the eastern side of the Darling Harbour which is in the north of the Pyrmont bridge. The major attractions of the aquarium include Jurassic seas, shark valley, open ocean oceanarium, little penguins habitat, shark walk, dungeon island, northern ocean, harbour, dugong exhibit, and great barrier reef oceanarium.

photo of various species of aquatic life seen in Sea Life Sydney Aquarium
The large variety of aquatic life in Sea Life Sydney Aquarium in the City of Sydney

There are also themes which related to the waters of the country and they contain animals which have been brought from the marine ecosystems and waterways of the continent. The waters of Australia offer a huge variety and diversity in its aquatic life as it is covered in water from all the sides. The two biggest themed areas of the aquarium are dugong island and the valley of the sharks. They are the most popular in the city and contain a large crowd at all the times on all days especially due to the sharks.

Other than the aquarium’s themed areas, the aquarium also helps and cooperates under the research and conservation areas for the marine animals. There is a lot of assistance and facilities provided by the authorities of the aquarium for the smooth conducting of the processes. A lot number of research projects have been carried out in this aquarium in collaboration with the university of the city, numerous museums, national parks wildlife centres, research institutes, and more. The main projects have been conducted in regard to the sea turtles and many more invertebrates which have been affected with heavy metal contamination.

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