PPC Advertising: Minimal spend, maximal ROI!

Are you struggling to grow your online business? Not achieving an adequate return on investment (ROI) for your marketing spend? Then perhaps it’s time to rethink your digital marketing strategy.

Each day, Google processes around 3.5 billion searches, while Facebook has over 1.28 million users logging on to its news feed, with the average person spending over 10 hours a week scrolling through the platform.

Imagine how quickly you could connect and convert these online consumers by becoming visible to them on the platforms they visit.

This is where pay-per-click (PPC) advertising comes in.

PPC can give you access to a huge online audience – and you only have to dip into your pocket when a potential client comes calling and clicks on your ad.

For this reason, PPC advertising is a low cost, low risk marketing strategy ideal for businesses like yours.

How we can help?

At Web Profit Maximizer, we’ll show you how to grow your online business through PPC. We’ll work with you to achieve the highest return on investment possible from your marketing campaigns.

A leading online marketing agency with many years of experience in digital and social media marketing, we know what works when it comes to making your business a success online.

Still not convinced? Here are some of the many benefits of working with us on your PPC campaign:


When compared to many other mediums, PPC advertising through Google and Facebook is extremely cost-effective. Not only can you ensure you reach your intended audience, but you only have to spend money when someone actually visits your site.

Compare this to other forms of advertising, such as TV and print media campaigns. Sure, your advert may reach a lot of people, but how many are going to be interested in what you have to offer? More importantly, how much would you have had to spend to attract this relatively small amount of leads? That’s before you consider that accurately measuring your return on investment when it comes to offline advertising is virtually impossible. Unlike with PPC…

Accurate measurements

With Google and Facebook advertising, you can get a handle on how well your campaign is performing through detailed statistics. Both platforms incorporate analytics that allow virtually all elements of a PPC campaign to be tracked and tested. This tracking is nearly instantaneous; PPC campaigns encourage your target audience to take action by clicking on your ads. This then funnels them back to your website or convinces them to complete other target actions.

Generating immediate traffic

Through Google and Facebook PPC advertising campaigns you can generate immediate traffic, leads and sales directly to your company website. This is what makes it such a financially viable method of online marketing – you only pay for advertising when a user clicks on your ad. The more users click on your ad, the more money you spend – but you pay out in the knowledge that your site is being accessed by those who matter: potential clients.

With PPC advertising campaigns, the source directing the traffic can be tracked and you can also quickly and easily identify which of your ads are procuring the most successful results in your campaigns, allowing you to specifically target this niche audience.

Faster audience access

PPC advertising allows you to reach your target audience much faster than with other traditional forms of advertising, where results may take weeks, months or even years to become clear. When you set up PPC advertising through Google and Facebook, the campaigns can go live within minutes and you can quickly tweak your ads if you need to.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Google and Facebook have such a vast online reach that PPC advertising through these sites can help boost your website’s ranking in online searches, making your products or services more visible to your target market.

Targeted reach

Unlike more traditional forms of advertising, which operate very much on a ‘pay and spray’ basis, PPC advertising allows you to target specific audiences and categories on the platforms they visit. With Google and Facebook, you can be sure that your adverts are going to be viewed by those who are most likely to be interested in your products or services – they won’t be annoying people who have no intention of doing business with you.

Scheduled visibility

Both Google and Facebook offer scheduled PPC advertising, meaning your ads appear at times when your target audience are most likely to be available. For example, if your target audience is young professionals, your ad may be scheduled to run early in the morning, at lunchtime and from 6pm until 11pm, so you’re only paying for the hours they’re likely to be browsing, rather than when they’ll either be at work or asleep.

Targeting and re-targeting

PPC advertising gives you the opportunity to target or re-target your ads, so that these are viewed by a narrowly defined audience who are more likely to buy your products.

Re-targeting means filtering those you initially target based on a variety of categories, including geography – where they live – demographics – how old they are or what sex they are – or even interests.

Often with online advertising, your prospective clients may not be converted the first time they see your ad. Re-targeting allows you to better understand their needs and interests, so you can then tailor your ad to best suit them.

Vast mobile audience

As data networks rapidly expand and smartphone use continues to grow across the globe, being able to tap into a mobile network is crucial for long-term business growth. More users now access the internet through mobile devices than via desktop computers or laptops, so mobile provides you with a huge advertising opportunity.

Fortunately, Facebook and Google’s PPC advertising allows you to access a vast mobile audience any time of the day or night – in fact, you can even target your ads just to mobile users!

Increased brand awareness

People check Facebook and perform searches on Google every single day, so your target audience is repeatedly exposed to your PPC ads.

Even if they don’t initially click on your ad, with continued exposure you can work towards building trust with your audience. This can mean only one thing going forward and that’s more customers for your business!


Unlike other forms of advertising, PPC offers myriad opportunities to assess the performance of ads, allowing you to tweak your offering accordingly.

Campaigns can be measured by number of clicks and impressions, number of conversions – people who click your ad and then purchase something – and rates of conversions and also cost per click and cost per acquisition.

All these statistics make it easy for you to deduce just how well your ads are performing. High rate of conversions on one particular ad? Roll out more to that audience segment. High cost per acquisition among a certain demographic? Time to rethink your spend in this area.

Higher targeting capabilities

Google AdWords and Facebook have a range of very sophisticated targeting tools that enable you to maximise your PPC ROI. These tools include location targeting, mobile targeting, language targeting, time targeting, auto-tagging and re-marketing. All give you a higher chance of reaching your desired market and convincing them to purchase your products or services.

Maximise sales and minimise costs via PPC advertising!

To help you get the most out of PPC, Web Profit Maximiser can offer a one-on-one phone call or consultation with one of our in-house marketing experts.

During this consultation, we’ll review your business goals and discuss your current and past performance. We’ll then analyse and review your website and Facebook page in order to develop an online strategy to match your goals.


Once you’ve taken our advice on board, the next step is up to you.

If you’re happy with our strategy, we’ll provide a follow up call and give you a quote. Alternatively, you can take our strategy and implement it yourself – or have someone else do this for you.

This session is valued at $1,000, but we’re happy to cover the cost as part of our service to you.

Call us today

If you want to discover how we can successfully grow your online business through PPC, simply get in touch.

We’re confident that we can increase your conversions and help develop a viable long-term strategy for your business.

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