Mrs Macquarie's Chair

Mrs. Macquarie’s chair is a very popular tourist attraction for the people to see and visit while in their trip in Australia. Not just the people locally, but people from all over the world when take a visit to Australia, make it a point to visit this place. The attractions have been one of the most fascinating attractions in Sydney since years and is loved and adored by all the people and visitors. So, if you are in the city of Sydney, or in the neighboring suburbs including Riverstone and Rosehill, then taking a visit here is a must for you. You can come here and spend a lot of good time.

picture of a woman sitting in Mrs Macquarie's Chair
Offshore body is Port Jackson

There is a lot that you will be able to learn here about the culture and the history of the country. You can bring your kids also here as it will be good for them to hear about a historical spot in the country and also highlight in them its importance and the story behind it. the Mrs. Macquarie’s chair is also known as the Lady Macquarie’s chair locally by some of the people. The attraction is actually in the shape of a bench and is made of sandstone ad has been exposed into rock. It is located in Sydney harbour.

The bench has been hand carved by convicts in the year 1810 for the wife of Major General Lachlan Macquarie who goes by the name Elizabeth Macquarie. The man was the governor of New South Wales. Even the peninsula is named after the Lady as the Mrs. Macquarie’s Point and also forms a part of the royal botanic gardens and also the domain. The off-shore water bodies of this place constitute of the Port Jackson. The sandstone beach is not only beautiful but is also an important part of the history of the city as well as the country.

picture of a rock cut of Mrs Macquarie's Chair
It's a sandstone rock cut into the shape of a bench, on a peninsula in Sydney Harbour

When the Lady used to visit the park, she used to come to this spot and view the harbour and also the panoramic views of the place around. She would see the area intensively and enjoy the panoramic views of the place around. There is also a stone inscription on the chair which speaks about the description of the chair and its name and much more information. The peninsula of the bench is located in the middle of Bennelong point which is on the western side of the peninsula and on the eastern side is the garden island.

Both of these attractions are also very famous and popular. So, if you make a visit to the bench, you can also visit the neighboring places as well and enjoy. The face of the chair is towards the Tasman sea and also the fort Dennison which are two other major attractions of the city. You can also have a look at the opera house of the city and also the harbour bridge. A lot of attractions are located nearby and you can also visit them to make your trip even more fantastic.

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