Manly Beach

Beaches are always a treat. You can never say NO to a trip to your favorite beaches. Well, Manly Beach here is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and you are going to love the time you spend here. If you are anywhere in the city, then this is going to be a wonderful start to take for your vacation here. The spot if apt for you to come with your family. Friends and even kids and they are definitely going to have a lovely time here. Manly beach is one of the most fantastic attractions of Sydney and not just this, it is visited by people from the neighboring suburbs as well including Campbelltown and Camden.

photo of a lot of people on the Manly Beach
An extremely busy summer day at Manly Beach, New South Wales

Located in the state of New South Wales, the beach is situated among the Northern beaches in Sydney. There are three main sections of the beach including North Steyne, South Steyne, and Queenscliff. The beach has been named by the Arthur Philip who is the captain there. He gave this name, because the manly and confident behaviour he observed at that place. The beach offers phenomenal views and is an extremely beautiful place to hangout for a day off.

There are a lot of opportunities to have fun. You can take part in a lot of sports in the waters. You and your kids or friends can have a day swimming at the beach. Long walks on the beach during early morning or evenings are always exuberant. The beautiful views of the crystal-clear water with the reflection of the sun and seamless water make the panorama extremely stunning. The views are the best part of the beach and you just cannot get enough. The texture of the white sand on the beach while you take a walk feels so good while you walk through.

photo of Manly Beach shoreline in Sydney, Australia
Manly Beach is among the many beaches of the Northern Beaches of Sydney

You can also take a water bike ride in the water. There are a lot of light sports that you can enjoy on the sand including volleyball, Frisbee, football, and so much more. Children can usually be found making sand castles near the shore of the water and playing along. The time you spend here is going to wonderful and always memorable. You can also bring your sunbath costumes, and a load of sunscreen and enjoy your time taking a sunbath which will make it all the more relaxing for you. This is one of the best things to do while you are at the beach.

There are also a lot of food stalls which are located on the beach where you can eat a lot of snacks and beverages while you enjoy your time at the beach. Around the beach there are also a lot of market places and food joints on the same street including the Corso which is an amazing pedestrian plaza and has all the essence of the city in various shops and dining areas you see. You can find amazing food here along with so much to shop from the city.

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