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Before you begin

Average delivery times:

  • Expected turnaround time for initial analysis/proposal: up to 1-2 days
  • Campaign set up takes up to 5 business days
  • Depending on the scale of business and the size of your ad budget on average we require around 5 hours/week for on-going campaign maintenance and optimisation

About our Adwords workflow:

  • After filling out the form below, we will provide you with an estimate for your campaign
  • Once payment is made, we will provide initial campaign set-up based on products/services you’re offering
  • We will manage and optimise the campaign based on the agreed objective such as Leads, Sign-ups, Calls, Youtube Views
  • We will provide you with monthly performance reports
  • We can advise optimisations to your lead form or landing pages for optimal conversions
  • For Search campaign – we will provide ad copies for your approval
  • For Display campaign and Youtube video campaign, ad creatives are to be charged separately unless otherwise, you have all assets ready for uploading
  • Please be advised that Adwords cost per click varies for different industries and depending on the target location and demographics
  • We will be managing your accounts on an on-going basis and update you on the timesheet of what tasks and how long it take
  • You pay for all ads cost directly to Google

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