Circular Quay

Located in the wonderful capital city of Australia, the Circular Quay is a great place in terms of a tourist attractions, and also the history and culture of the city. The sport was formerly a port, and now operates as an international passenger shipping port, tourism precinct, and public piazza and is also a harbour. It is one of the most important heritage areas of the country and has its name all over the globe. People from all parts of the world visit the place, when they take a visit to Australia. It also functions as a transport mode for people who wish to use it as one.

This spot is located on Sydney cove on the edge in the north in Sydney central business district between the Rocks and Paddington. This area is also a part of the area of the local government. The various modes of travel here include the electric tram, railway station, ferry wharf, light rail, bus interchange, and terminal. The construction of the site began in the year 1837 and lasted till 1844. The spot is pretty famous as a tourist spot and all the people make sure to pay a visit here if they are in the city or anywhere near. Also, the major time of the year at the destination is the time of the new year. The new year here, is liberated with loads of fun and enjoyment. The decorations, the lights, the views, and the crowd here are all so fascinating when you are here at this time of year.

aerial shot of Circular Quay at night
East Circular Quay during Sydney New Year's Eve

You can actually feel the electric vibe flowing within you and around when you are at such a great place. the spot is compiled of a lot of pedestrian malls, restaurants, and parks. You can enjoy a day of picnic at the green parks here and come along with your family and friends to have a day of enjoyment. The pedestrian malls offer a huge variety of shops which have almost all the times in the world. The various shops offer some of the best items which are famous locally including clothing, footwear, fashion, cosmetics, bags, jewelry, accessories, and much more. you can also see a lot of restaurants here which offer fantastic food which is pretty popular amongst the locals.

view of ferries and Opera house in Circular Quay
Circular Quay Tower

You can come here and have a dinner with your family, a lunch with your girls, r a friendly hangout. The place is so full of fun and chances to enjoy. One visit here and you can have a sneak peek into the culture of the city without even going to another place. From food, to clothes, to accessories, to utilities, you can find almost everything here and enjoy alongside. There are also many attractions located near to this spot including the harbour bridge, the opera house and so much more. This place is also known as the gateway to Sydney, and is one of the most beautiful places to go if you are in the city. Make sure you have company.

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