Generate 200% more Business Referrals In 2018

So first you may be wondering why a digital marketing agency which specialises in helping businesses growth with PPC (pay per click) advertising on Facebook and Google Adwords is writing about business networking referrals.

Great question, glad you asked.

We firmly believe in helping businesses to grow using every method possible.  So this means we will often assist business owners to look at other methods of marketing.  So this might mean referring them to an SEO specialist, or a Linked In specialist or even “old school” direct mailing advertising.  

When it comes to business referrals, these can be some of the very best referrals you can ask for.  BUT, yes there is a but.  If you are not careful, you could wind up wasting your time and get the wrong type of referrals or worse no referrals at all.

Web Profit Maximiser is a part of two networking organisations.  Sydney Hills Business Chamber of Commerce and also the Elite Business BNI.  If you want to find your local Chamber click here or BNI click here.

The great thing about these 2 organisations is they have a specific structure for networking.  They also have regular events.  In fact in BNI, you attend every week.  Now this might seem like a daunting task to attend a function every week, but think about it.  

The more you attend, the more members see you.  You know the old saying, “out of sight, out of mind”.  Well that certainly holds true when it comes to business referrals.  If people do not see you, they can forget about you.

So seeing people regularly at a networking event keeps your “top of mind” marketing working with other business owners.

Here are 3 tips to improve your networking

1. Explain to people how to listen for a potential referral to you.  

So for example, if you are a chiropractor, you can let your business networking community know you are looking for people who suffer with lower back pain.  If you hear anyone complaining about waking up with a stiff back or pain after sitting down.

You can see in this example, we have given them the signal “if you hear someone complaining about…”

So the next time someone has a conversation and in the conversation if they mention this, then they will more likely remember your conversation and refer them to you.

2. Let your business networking friends know how they should let the person contact you.

You might say to them.  “If you hear them say this, then please hand them my card or put my phone number in your phone and call my office to help them get scheduled in”.

3. Finally be specific with who or what type of referral you are looking for.

In our referral example, we have given someone with lower back pain and sciatica.  

Ok, so now you are armed with some information to go out and explode your business networking this year.

If you are wanting to continue to learn about business networking, there is a free BNI podcast you can subscribe to here.  

If you want more marketing tips please like our Web Profit Maximiser Facebook page or connect with me (Dr. Adam Arnold) on linked in.

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