Sydney Harbour Bridge

Located in the beautiful city of Sydney, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the most fascinating destinations in the city. Listed in the sites of heritage, this arch bridge in steel offers amazing views and is an epitome of gorgeous architecture. The beautiful bridge has been visited by a lot tourist in the past and tends to attract numerous tourists from all over the world till date. Located in a prime spot of the city, the bridge has been the centre of attraction of the city and remains to haul with its uniqueness all over the country.

The fascinating view of the bridge and the sight of the Sydney Opera House on the front, make this bridge one of a kind and display an iconic image of the country in the world. The architecture of the bridge displays a clear image of the kind of architecture which is extensively applied in Australia. The bridge allows pedestrians, bicycles, rail, and vehicular, on its trail to pass. The bridge has been nicknamed as ‘The Coathanger’ due to the shape of the arch it has which clearly justifies the name. the bridge is maintained by the Roads and Maritime Services and owned by the Government of New South Wales.

cruise ship that docks near Harbour Bridge
Harbour Bridge Cruise

The total length of the bridge is about 1149 metres, the width is 48.8 metres, the height is 134 metres, and the number of lanes is 8. There are two tracks of the bridge and the track gauge is around 1435 mm. there is one span and the longest span is of about 503 metres. Inaugurated in the year 1932, the construction of the bridge began in 1923, and after lots of hard work, the bridge started operating in the year 1932 in March. Although, it is a road bridge, but people still visit this due to its high historical importance and it being a part of the heritage list.

end to end picture of Harbour Bridge
Southern end of the bridge is located at Dawes Point

The design of the bridge was influenced by another bridge in New York which is named as Hell Gate bridge. This bridge is the sixth ranked longest spanning arch bridge and also the tallest arch bridge which has been built in steel. One of the most attractive part of the bridge is the tourist signs it has on its walls, there are a lot of lighting features on the bridge which look amazingly beautiful during the time of the night and lit up the sight of the bridge.

Not just in the city, but also the neighboring suburb Ashfield, brings in a lot of tourists and locals to view the magnificent bridge that stands proudly in the centre of the city. During the time of special occasions, the bridge looks stunning beautiful with so much decorations and lighting which makes the sight of the bridge too good to handle. You cannot just take your eyes off the wonderful sight during these times. Lot of people visit to have a look at the beautiful bridge during special occasions, especially around the New Year’s Eve.

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