Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

Located in one of the prime locations of the city, Royal Botanic Garden is one of the most iconic tourist attractions of the country. People from the surrounding suburbs including Tempe also visit the garden to enjoy and have fun. The garden houses a number of beautiful varieties of plants and flowers to enrich your experience of viewing the beauty of the nature under one roof. It houses some of the most exotic flowers and plants which you might never have seen and heard about. They will fascinate you with their glorious colors and fragrances.

Located in the heart of the city, the garden was established in the year 1816. Other than its beautiful views and sights, the garden is one of the oldest and the most historical institutions in the country. The access to the garden is free and is open for the public 365 days of the year. You can visit it even on public holidays and enjoy your time.

photo of a floral plant from the Royal Botanic Garden
Floral Sydney plant from the Natural Garden of the Royal Botanic Gardens

Another fantastic part of the attraction is that it is surrounded by many more attractions including The Domain, the Sydney harbour, the Sydney opera house, and many more. You can even go around to have a visit to the other places also if you find time.

The garden is extremely beautiful with so much to adore. The vast grasslands and the various areas of the garden will make one day very less for you explore the entire range of the garden. The beautiful lake in the garden adds to the cool and refreshment and makes it even more beautiful and stunning. There are a few layouts in which the garden has been divided.

photo of white anthuriums from the Royal Botanic Gardens
Elegant white anthuriums from the Royal Botanic Garden in the City of Sydney

The lower gardens in the Royal Botanic Garden feature a lot of attractions including Henry Lawson Gates, the HSBC Oriental Garden, Yurong, the Maiden Pavilion, the Band Lawn, and the many ponds. The middle gardens in the layout include the Spring Walk, the Lion Gate Lodge, the Succulent garden, the Pam House, the Begonia Garden, the Wollemi Pine, the Macquarie Wall, the Rare and Threatened Plant garden, and the best of all the Herbarium and plant sciences building.

The various parts of the garden feature the various varieties of plants and flora. There are innumerable beauties in the garden which will make you curious about how diverse our nature is and can get. The best part about the garden is that it is extremely well maintained. You will not find a single pile of dirt in the garden. The environment is purely fresh and clean and your time here is going to become memorable forever.

The major attraction of the garden is the Palace Garden which features the Rose garden, the herb garden, the Rainforest walk, the Turf plots, the Sydney conservatorium of music, the Calyx, the Palace garden gate, the Old Mill garden, the Pavilion, and the Pioneer garden.

You will also find a beautiful and enormous library at the garden which is elegant from the outside and houses a number of books and texts about the plant life and more.

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