Hyde Park

Hyde park is located in the city of Sydney. The park is not only famous in the local suburb but also the neighboring suburb including Hornsby and Wahroonga. People love to spend time here and you can always come here with your friends and family to enjoy some moments of joy and happiness. The views of the park are beautiful with loads of greenery and natural instincts. The cool breeze and the views of the sunrises and the sunsets at the park are beautiful and fascinating. You cannot get enough of them at all. The place offers a lot of opportunities for you to enjoy and have fun with your companions.

photo of the Archibald Fountain found in the Hyde Park
The Archibald Fountain , formally called the J. F. Archibald Memorial Fountain, in Hyde Park, Central Sydney

Spread over an area of 40 acres, the park is one of the oldest parklands in the country. It is located on the east of the city centre and has made it to the list of the New South Wales Heritage Register. It is located on the southernmost part of the chain formed by the parklands in the city which extends to the shore of the harbour of the city via The Domain, and the royal botanic gardens. On the west side of the park is the Elizabeth street and on its right is the college street. On the north side of the park is the St. James Road and also the Prince Albert road, and on the southern side of the park is the Liverpool street.

Hyde park is an urban park is owned by the Sydney city council. It remains open all round the year and is open 24 hours for people to come and enjoy. There are a lot more attractions and important monuments which are located around the park including the Supreme court of New South Wales, the Downing centre, Hyde Park barracks, St. James church, David Jones limited, Grammar school, St. Mary’s cathedral, a few hospitals, and more.

photo shows the ANZAC War Memorial as a commemorative military monument in Sydney
The aerial view of ANZAC War Memorial, listed as one of the New South Wales State Heritage sites.

The garden is a compilation of a lot of well kept gardens which have been maintained distinctively. A lot of sports are played in the park including hurling, cricket, horse racing, rugby, and quotis. The park is also shared by the people in the military for drill work. Other than sports, there are a lot of more attractions incorporated including the memorial pond and the other one is a fountain named as the Archibald fountain. There is also a museum inside the park called the Australian museum.

You can also find an ANZAC war memorial which has been built for the people who died and lost their lives in the war. It has been built to commutate them. There are a lot of predominant trees in the park as well which are of various kinds and of various species as well. This adds lot of color to the park and makes the views beautiful overall. There is statue of Captain cook inside the park. There are also many more fountains and pond in the premises of the park and also the Obelisk makes a great attraction of the park.

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