Wild Life Sydney Zoo

Wild Life Sydney Zoo is one of the best attractions for the people to visit if you are in the city. Not just for the locals, but also if you are on your tour of Australia or the neighboring Heathcote and Lucas Heights, visiting this place is a must for it is going to entertain you in all crazy ways and you are about to have great time here at the zoo. The place is lit and you can come here with your friends, colleagues, kids, and families and enjoy the most. Make way towards fun and adventure to this amazing zoo with your friends and kids, and have some of the best moments and get to views the most unique animals here. Your vacation is going to be wonderful if you visit here.

picture of an animal at Wild life Sydney Zoo
Can be found at the city side of Darling Harbour leisure and retail precinct

There are a lot of exhibits here. One of them is Kangaroo Walk About which consists of grey kangaroos, wallabies, princess parrots, a quokka, echidnas, and more. Another exhibit is named as the butterfly tropics which consist a lot of variety of butterflies. There are a lot of stunning colored pythons which look quite vivid and real. There is also a crocodile here from the freshwater is one of the main attractions here is the green tree python. Another exhibit is Devil’s den which is home to the devils of Tasmanian consisting of Bub and Topsy. These species are quite endangered critically. They are even provided lunch by the guides there. That view is quite adorable.

Another exhibit is the Gumtree valley which consists of the distinctive eucalyptus which smells of gum trees. A lot of koalas are also present here. the next exhibit is Wallaby cliffs consists of a lot of Australian animals along with a lot of kookaburras and lizards. The next is the Daintree rainforest which is the habitat of the carpet python, river turtles, forest dragon, and many more. There are a lot of birds in the zoo as well. There is another exhibit which is Kakadu Gorge which combines a huge saltwater crocodile. There are a lot of crocodiles which have been placed here for a lot of conservation issues.

picture of giraffe at Wild life Sydney Zoo
The zoo is located next to Sydney Aquarium and Madame Tussauds Sydney

Another exhibit is the Nightfall exhibit. In this exhibit, there are a lot wonderful and weird creatures which venture out when it gets dark. These are mostly compiled of nocturnal creatures. There are a lot of yellow bellied gliders and offer a wonderful experience and a never seen wild experience.

Another exhibit is the Koala Rooftop. Koalas are everyone’s favorite animals. They are the most iconic animal of the country. Other than the exhibits, there is also an Outback Adventure’s Café. You can have a lot of snacks and beverages after a long and tiring day at the zoo. The kids when out for an excursion can also have a quick bite her. The seating here is extremely beautiful and happening. Some other exhibits here include Platypus pools, and more. You can also celebrate birthday parties of yourself, your kids, and friends here. Parking is also available.

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