Bella Vista farm

Magnificent views and gorgeous surroundings add up to make this place a wonderful site in the suburb of Baulkham Hills.  Surrounded by fantastic natural instincts and panoramic landscapes, it is an exquisite destination to visit and spend time. Established in the latter part of the 1700s, the farm complex holds significant importance in the historic arena of the nation. The highlight of the farm includes two storey homesteads lined with beautiful and variable farm outbuildings inculcated on the top of the hill. Impeccably stunning, it makes a great venue for the people to visit and spend time.

entrance gate of Bella Vista park
Bella Vista Farm Park

Majorly popular for its Norwest Business Park, the farm is a combination of residential and business precincts in a contemporary setting. Other than its historical value, the farm holds a closer appeal to nature.

The farm is an excellent place of you to enjoy and have fun with your family and take a quick review of the nature around you. It is a perfect place to hang out if you are looking to have a break from your daily hectic schedule. Majorly, it includes a lot of old farm buildings which will take you back in time. Stunningly architectural buildings make a perfect place for your stay at the farm and enjoy what other things the farm has to offer.

Victorian house at Bella Vista Farm
located at Elizabeth Macarthur Drive, Bella Vista

Along with featuring views and outstanding domains of nature, it inculcates in its surroundings the facility of BBQ for you to enjoy a happy and fulfilling meal with your companions and loved ones. It makes a perfect picnic spot for people to have fun and relax for the entire day.


The farm is located at a prime location in the upscale suburb of Baulkham Hills and provides gorgeous views at all days and times. If you are planning to have your wedding in an outdoor location, the farm makes a perfect venue. Not only it's huge, but it has all the perfect elements to give you a breathtakingly environment for a wedding, concert, and even a function. The farm is big enough to allow room for large crowds of people. One of the most remarkable features of the farm is its photographic opportunities. A wedding comes with a lot of photographs. This location offers the perfect background for you to click great snapshots and photographs on the day of your wedding and also adds a lot of natural light to make you look extravagantly beautiful in all your captures.

With a lot of picnic tables and facilities, it is an adaptable site for you to spread a sheet and have a day of picnic with your family.

Brownie points to the farm for it allows your dogs to be a part of your picnic too. The farm is dog-friendly and allows you to bring your dogs along with you while you have a picnic or simply wish to have a walk on one of its walking trails. With that said, this estate is a stunning site to visit if you are in the city.

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